Runway Monday: Finale, Part 1 (PR 12:13)

On the most recent episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, two designers were guaranteed spots to show collections at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and three were left to battle it out for the remaining spot(s). The finalists headed home for six weeks to work on their collections, ten designs with a spring theme that included one unconventional materials look. Tim Gunn later visited all of the designers in their home cities to offer his wisdom on their work. Upon their return to New York, the three battling designers each had to show three looks from their collections.

Tim Gunn looks over my work space.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t get a picture of Tim in my design space before I’d straightened it up a little, because it was chaotic. Here you can see the pool of models left to choose from as I finish my collection.

My goal was to complete three designs to photograph this week, much like the three remaining designers, and I did that. But then I thought, Wait a minute. I have no competition. I know I’m creating a final collection of ten looks. Why do I have to show three of them now?

So though I do have three complete looks, you get only peeks at them.

See you next week with the full collection!

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