Runway Monday: Tie the Knot (PR 12:4)

On the most recent episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, the designers were challenged to tie together a design based on a bow tie from Tie the Knot, an organization founded by actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita to advocate for the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans. Tie the Knot’s designs are created for the organization by neckwear industry leader The Tie Bar.

I didn’t have access to a table full of bow ties from The Tie Bar. In fact, on my shopping trip, I found exactly two bow ties: one so ugly that not even Barbie could have made it look good, and a wool bow tie from Tommy Hilfiger that I believed had promise.

The white lines in the plaid pattern stand out as repeating equal signs. As longtime readers know, I’m ALL about equal rights, particularly marriage equality.

One huge advantage I have over the PR designers is that I can work at 1:6 scale. In this case, the shape of the bow tie is exactly what I wanted to create an hourglass silhouette to show off Fallon’s figure.

A closer look at the neckline.

Mattel’s shoes, naturally.

One last look.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s design. It was created without any of the drama we saw on Project Runway, which is just as well, since I don’t have a Nina Garcia to enthrall with diva meltdowns. See you next time on the runway!

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8 thoughts on “Runway Monday: Tie the Knot (PR 12:4)”

  1. that is a lovely lovely dress! I think you did a great job – and you did it with out melting down, swearing, flipping off a fellow contestant, and attacking a camera man … wait, at least I don’t think you did any of those things, who knows what lays on the editing room floor.

    I think this season has some really promising designers and 4 or 5 who are emotionally unfit for tv.

    Still I would have really loved it if Sandro would have looked in the camera just once and said “I make BEEG trouble for Moose and Squirrel.”

    1. Thanks very much!

      I did almost melt when I went shopping, but other than that, nope, no drama here. The dress practically made itself thanks to the bow tie’s flawless construction.

      I feel that a certain designer fears someone coming up behind him some night and saying, “I make BEEG trouble for Zac Posen.” Eep!

  2. Far too many design challenges featuring unconventional materials this season. I’m waiting for them to get real. Now in your case, a bow tie was not an unconventional material. Brava! Well done.

    1. Thanks very much!

      Yeah, what’s up with all these challenges? I wanna see some all-out red carpet looks with fancy fabrics.

  3. This dress is perfection!! I wish someone had thought to replicate the shape of the bowtie on the show with their own fabric and embellish it with the actual ties.

    I loved how Zac basically dismissed Sandro when he was bitching on the runway. He is fast becoming my favorite judge.

    1. Thanks very much! I did like the winning look–the use of the bow ties for the top, and I loved the fabric he used for the jacket and shorts.

      What I like about Zac is that he’ll go head to head with Nina (who I also like). But I do miss Michael Kors.

  4. Very nice. I was walking by a tie shop the other day, and I quickly glanced. I noticed no bow ties, which is odd, since now that the BBC has been public about Matthew Smith moving on from being The Doctor #11 (the guy who claimed that bow ties were cool), it seems like bow ties are rapidly disappearing. For a while, there were lots of bow ties, though never the same number as the other kind. I’m not a fan at all about ties in general, so seeing some other clothing use for the material is impressive.

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