Runway Monday: Having A Field Day (PR 12:8)

On the most recent episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, the designers were given a chance to provide free labor to Heidi’s sweat shop create high-end performance-wear for Heidi Klum’s New Balance line. The winning design would be sold at select stores. Fortunately, I didn’t have to compete in field day-type challenges like the designers, but I also didn’t get access to Heidi’s fabrics. With Top Model Abby ready to help me on the runway, I improvised with fabric remnants from previous seasons’ challenges.

I wanted to create an outfit that could be used for all kinds of workout activities.

The loose fitting knit is great for going to and from a workout, or just for power walking as a day’s exercise. Along with the jacket sleeves, the yoke of the pants gives a pop of color and meshes elements of a yoga pant with a harem pant. To take the look from walking/running to gym machines or yoga, the jacket can be removed.

And underneath is a cropped red tank with capped sleeves.

I accessorized with a Mattel for Target scarf to hold back Abby’s hair in style. Of course, the Chucks are also from Mattel.

The complete look:

Heidi wanted to bring the runway to the treadmill–and I think Abby looks just as fashionably sporty leaving as arriving. See you next time on the runway!

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10 thoughts on “Runway Monday: Having A Field Day (PR 12:8)”

      1. that’s where I keep my cookies, Oreos to be exact.

        Which brings me to Angry Ken. WTF? However, I also thought Crybaby Helen knew she was button pushing. When she told Tim she didn’t know what set him off? Really Helen? Anyway, I think one angry belittling dude a season should be enough … and kate should have won … and Geesh! Can Dom get some recognition?

  1. Cute!! I am not a fan of the athletic wear challenge, in general, but I love the pop of color here. As for Ken, I have been ready for him to go for a couple of challenges now. I agree that Dom does good work, and deserves more recognition. I am not a Kate fan, but her outfit was better than Helen’s.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, this is one of the challenges that kind of bores me, but I do like these two fabrics (full disclosure: the black/gray is from a pair of women’s tights, and the red is from a pair of women’s panties–all bought especially for previous challenges in other seasons and never worn by humans!).

    1. Nobody’s had any wow moments, have they? There are safe designs and good designs, but nothing has made me go, “THIS should win!”

    1. Ha ha! I promise you, I will not be doing Sewing Bee projects for Barbie. However, I’m inspired that it was previously won by an 81-year-old grandmother. An inspiration to all of us to reach for our dreams no matter how many years are behind us.

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