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I don’t really know everything. I just try to keep my mouth shut about what I don’t know.

This is a dog- and toy-friendly blog.

About my work: I write fiction. My Timothy James Beck writing partners and I wrote IT HAD TO BE YOU, HE’S THE ONE, I’M YOUR MAN, SOMEONE LIKE YOU, and WHEN YOU DON’T SEE ME (all from Kensington).

My writing partner Timothy J. Lambert and I wrote THE DEAL, published by Alyson in 2004, and THREE FORTUNES IN ONE COOKIE (under the name Cochrane Lambert, from Alyson, 2005).

Timothy and I also edited these anthologies of romantic stories from brilliant veteran and new writers: FOOL FOR LOVE: NEW GAY FICTION, (February 2009), FOOLISH HEARTS: New Gay Fiction (January 2014), and BEST GAY ROMANCE 2014 (February 2014), all from Cleis Press.

My novel A COVENTRY CHRISTMAS, a contemporary romance, was released in October 2006. My second solo effort, A COVENTRY WEDDING, was released in January 2009. Both books are from Zebra.

About my life: In 2015 my husband and I packed up our possessions and loved ones and moved from The Compound to Houndstooth Hall. We have three quirky dogs–little Anime who has a part-time gig as a chupacabra, the delightful dachshund Delta, who we adopted in early 2016, and Just Jack, who makes every other dog look well-behaved by comparison. We lost our beautiful Margot in November 2015 and sweet Guinness in September 2016. Though they are no longer with us, we’re grateful for the many years of loyalty and companionship they gave us.

The property also includes Fairy Cottage, where Debby lives with Harley and Stewie, and Fox Den, home of Timothy J. Lambert and his dogs Pixie P. Lambert, Penny D. Lambert, and Pollock “LG” Lambert. Timothy is a founding board member of Rescued Pets Movement, for whom I volunteer as a photographer for the group’s social media sites and by whom I’m employed at the Hall’s home office to keep their electronic records in good order.

This is a site for tolerance. Comments are always welcome but I reserve the right to delete anything that expresses a view of intolerance, hate, or extreme discourtesy. Play nice.

11 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. Awww, thanks! Will there be chocolate on the pillows?

      You just made me aware that I need to change this “About Me” page. If only the new place had a name…

  1. I stumbled across your site today. It’s been a long time since I visited. I’m glad I did today. I have missed you.
    Love from an old friend in Alabama.

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