Update on Foolish Hearts

Today Tim and I learned the release date for Foolish Hearts: New Gay Fiction is January 14, 2014–maybe a little late to be a Christmas present, but in plenty of time to share on Valentine’s Day.

We also saw the cover art:

Over the next few months, we might tantalize you with brief excerpts from the seventeen stories. For now, it’s enough to know that these gems are from some of the best writers whose work we’ve read (including debut fiction from writers just starting to work in this genre)–in order of table of contents: Tony Calvert, David Puterbaugh, Trebor Healey, Steven Reigns, Erik Orrantia, Paul Lisicky, Jeffrey Ricker, Taylor McGrath, ‘Nathan Burgoine, Greg Herren, Timothy Forry, Felice Picano, Mark G. Harris, Craig Cotter, Rob Williams, Timothy J. Lambert, Andrew Holleran.

I can’t wait to see this book on the shelves and available for your e-readers.


18 thoughts on “Update on Foolish Hearts

  1. excellent, I can’t wait to buy a copy … and so you know I firmly believe the D in RD Cochrane stands for Delano

    1. You crack me up. Aren’t you glad the cover isn’t yellow?

      (Saying that because I remember your protest the time I gave you yellow as a color for a photograph, then I see your user pic and realize that Detours was most definitely YELLOW.)

      1. Oh gosh, I remember that! (Oh look, there’s that darn exclamation mark again. I should really give myself a daily ration and stop overusing them. But I can’t help it; I just get excited!)

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