scary lady heeds my fashion sense

I’m reluctant to post the photo below because it shows my fashion queen Anna Wintour with Harvey Weinstein at a Marchesa (fashion line of Weinstein’s estranged wife, Georgina Chapman) runway show. So I’ll say up front that it sounds like Weinstein is a pig who enjoyed a lot of success in the entertainment industry because his company has made some amazing movies with stellar talent. But he apparently used his success and power in a piglike way to sexually harass, belittle, assault, demean, and torment women. This is not new behavior, nor is it confined to the so-called Hollywood “casting couch.” It’s just that his are the accusers who have begun stepping forward–and that takes real courage–and now everyone who was ever in the same city as him feels that they must denounce him even as they say they were unaware of his piglike behavior, because boy, do humans flee the flames when a star begins his fiery descent to the pit of publicity hell to be finished off on a spit.

(Also, I’m sorry to insult pigs, who I happen to admire in a way I could never admire Weinstein, and I don’t like to see them on spits.)

All that being said, observe Miss Wintour, below. Do you like her dress?

Gary Gershoff/WireImage / / Mandy Moore, left, Harvey Weinstein, Anna Wintour attended the Marchesa fall 2017 runway show during New York Fashion Week on Feb. 15, 2017.

Did you like its reverse colors in November 2009 when it was designed by Becks?

Looks like we are both crafty women. But she accessorizes better. My Anna Wintour needed those boots.

Bonus photo:

AndrĂ© Leon Talley, Anna Wintour, and Grace Coddington at Becks’s 2009 final collection.

P.S. If you click on the link to my November 2009 post, you’ll see my soldiers in a nod to today being National Coming Out Day.


One thought on “scary lady heeds my fashion sense”

  1. This Weinstein thing bothers me so much, I think a lot of people knew… and didn’t bother. Not Anna Wintour, I imagine her connection was largely Georgina Chapman, but I think other people knew … and how can’t you stand up against that. There is a clip of Courtney Love, who for sure is cray, and she is asked what advice would you give to a girl coming out to Hollywood, and she said “If Harvey Weinstein invites you to talk in a hotel room, don’t go.” Brad Pitt knew because he threatened him over Gwen and yet went on to star in Inglorous Basterds, so to me … I just don’t know what to think. And why didn’t powerful women stand up for their sisters? It all just makes me sick. The only thing that’s been said in a completely non Hollywood way was Kevin Smith, who I can’t stand. “He financed the first 14 years of my career – and now I know while I was profiting, others were in terrible pain. It makes me feel ashamed.” With all that is going on this year, I just don’t think we will ever win.

    But that really isn’t the deal. I miss your designs … thats’ the deal

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