Every now and then…

“I don’t get it. I’ve been on this adventure for over a year in Earth Time. I’ve been to galaxies far, far away, Wonderland, Middle Earth, the Firefly ‘verse, and who knows where else as I’ve defied all I know of the space/time continuum. I’ve picked up a sidekick and a sidekick’s best friend. I’ve fallen into the pages of literary masterpieces, popular fiction, Mad Magazine, and even the funny papers. I’ve had conversations with oversized crabs, sharks, dragons, and an octopus along the way. I still don’t know what the Giant Rabbit’s note meant: ‘The first part of your journey will be complete when you find Lil Eddy.’ I’ve been to water eddies and snow eddies and found nothing to explain what journey I’m on or what happens next.”

Cuddle: “Maybe you should turn around?”

John Riley: “Yup, Bright Eyes, I’m thinking you’re about to experience a total eclipse of the heart.”

The Adventures of Katnip: 58


11 thoughts on “Every now and then…”

  1. When Eddie said he didn’t like his teddy
    You knew he was a no good kid
    But when he threatened your life
    With a switch blade knife

    What a guy
    Makes you cry
    And I did

  2. From the day he was born
    He was trouble.
    He was the thorn
    In his mother’s side.
    She tried in vain

    But he never caused her anything but pain
    He left home the day she died ….

    You know how to encourage my misbehavior … besides, I know the whole soundtrack and never get to bust it out.

      1. One from the vaults. Don’t be upset – it was a mercy killing. He had a certain na├»ve charm, but no muscle.

  3. I’m confused, as is the handsome stranger standing in front of last summer’s wilted flower pot. Oh, Eddy, beware the Ides of March (and/or Marika) that’s coming this weekend.

  4. I went back to Flicker for a refresher course in Katnip’s story. Boy, you really put a lot of work into setting up those photo shoots. I’m still worried about the Ides of March though.

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