Runway Monday: A Little Bit Country (A Little Bit Rock ‘N Roll) (PR 11:5)

On the most recent episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, country singer Miranda Lambert was the guest judge who asked the designers to create two looks for her: a look she could perform in and a red carpet look. Since I didn’t have the look book given to the show’s designers, I just did a bit of online research and discovered that Miranda often wears metallics and she also likes to wear leather when she performs.

For this week’s looks, I chose Model Muses Elke and Iris. Elke is wearing the performance design, an embellished black velvet dress with a faux leather overlay of laser cutouts. Both fabrics are stretchy and would allow for plenty of movement on stage during a performance.

A close up shows the embellishments on the velvet fabric, which would catch and reflect stage lights.

For the red carpet look, Iris wears a bright purplish-pink metallic dress with cutouts to add texture.

Don’t be concerned that the cutouts in the fabric might lead to a wardrobe malfunction. The more sensitive areas are lined.

As usual, the models’ shoes are from Mattel.

Iris and Elke think Miranda would look great in their fashions.

I hope you agree. See you next time on the runway!

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8 thoughts on “Runway Monday: A Little Bit Country (A Little Bit Rock ‘N Roll) (PR 11:5)”

  1. Missed PR last week because of snow storm cable problems, but your designs continue to stand out. Brava!
    For some reason, I’m finding this season of PR less than must see programing. No one really stands out for good or bad reasons.

    1. I think the team challenges cheat us out of seeing people’s flashes of genius or moments of abject failure. While it’s true that developing oneself as a designer, or creating a brand, as they say, is not a solo effort, it usually consists of people who have a passionate commitment to a designer’s vision and success.

      On a reality show–at least this reality show–competitors are not going to provide that kind of support system. Now if each designer were supposed to pick models, stylists, people with specific technical skills in sewing and fabricating, financial managers, marketing experts, etc., from a pool, and work with them to create and pitch one or more looks a week, THAT would show team-building and management skills. But it would take a lot more time and money, so instead we get this.

      It’s funny, because in the last couple of seasons, the designers have seemed to fall into cheering sections for one another naturally (compare that to some of the cut-throat chatter and actions of previous seasons). They’ve even helped other designers, given them their leftover money or materials, and provided a sympathetic ear. But this season’s designers weren’t allowed to develop those supportive relationships naturally based on those whose work or personalities they liked or respected. They’ve been randomly grouped. This may mimic teaching situations and lower-level working situations, but it doesn’t reflect the reality of a struggling designer who’ll enlist his friends or enthusiastic others, or a top designer who’s built a team s/he can pay for.

      Sorry for the long reply–I’m hoping to articulate why I think this season might seem a little lackluster. Teams work best when they pool, use, and reward individual talents, interests, and skills, as any decent manager knows.

      1. What’s “reality TV” that doesn’t show the real world of, in this case, fashion? I’m sure there are blissful periods of everyone working (competing) together without the dramatrauma that tends to get in the way.

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