Runway Monday: Spin Out (PR 11:2)

On the most recent episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, Susan Sarandon was the guest judge because she wanted the designers to create new looks for the staff of her chain of ping pong social clubs, SPiN. The servers as well as the ball-boys gave the designers input about their uniforms.

Again, unlike the contestants, no team for me, but in a sense I did have support. Some of the fabric I used was repurposed from an undershirt of Tim’s; I also used a black knit fabric he donated after our very first season of Runway Monday in 2008. In addition, one of my models was named by a blog reader back in July of 2011: Samuel. My other model for this challenge is Top Model Maggie.

Samuel’s uniform could work either for the server or for the ball-boy. The shirt looks like a sweater, but it’s a lightweight ribbed cotton. The pants are a stretchy black knit that would allow him to move quickly and easily to retrieve players’ ping pong balls or serve them food and drinks.

The show’s designers had silk screeners on hand who could print off SPiN’s logos for them. PR failed, as usual, to send me any silk screeners, so I hand drew the logo on Samuel’s shirt.

The company slogan is “Balls Are My Business,” and Ms. Sarandon was hoping to see that on the uniforms as well. I hand-lettered it on Samuel’s pocket–a pocket that’s deep enough for an order pad or an extra ping pong ball or two. For the pocket fabric, I selected something that made me think of bouncing ping pong balls.

I didn’t put the slogan on Maggie’s pockets, since the one on Samuel’s is just a prototype of what I would do if I had professional equipment. Her shorts jumpsuit has two deep pockets for her convenience as a server.

One thing that surprised me about the PR designers was that so many of them didn’t seem to take into consideration the way a server has to move, especially that she often has to bend to pick up things. I allowed for that both with the looseness of the uniform and the shorts. Even if she bends from the waist, Maggie can feel secure about the view from behind her. The zipper runs from collar to waist, making it easy to slip on and off for quick changes before and after work.

I may not have a team, but Samuel and Maggie make a great looking duo. Their uniforms are practical, modest, easy to clean, attractive, and comfortable.

And their adorable Chucks are from Mattel.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s looks. See you next time on the runway!

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6 thoughts on “Runway Monday: Spin Out (PR 11:2)”

    1. On my own team, I only have to deal with my own foibles and shortcomings–though they can be many.

      Yeah, I was over Benjamin last Thursday night.

  1. Chucks really do not have the arch support you need for waitressing and ballbacking … but they look fabulous. I think her uniform especially is great – better than most of the ones on the challenge – although I did enjoy the show this week.

    1. You’ll have to take the shoe design thing up with Mattel. And also feel free to buy me all the fabulous doll shoes you want!

      Thanks. Her uniform strained my eyes mightily when I was sewing.

      I’m kind of not liking the team thing. We’ll see how it plays out.

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