19 thoughts on “Hump Day Happy”

  1. The response from my friends here in BG when I sent out an email asking for donations for the flood relief benefit Friday night. They really came through!

  2. 1. My husband.
    2. My oldest son.
    3. My youngest son.
    4. My dog.
    5. My friends.
    6. Coffee.
    7. Your paintings (Truly. I love mine….)
    8. The smell of Jasmine.
    9. Magnolias
    10. Time alone.
    11. Crafting.
    12. LUSH baths.
    13. Reading.
    14. Listening to quiet music.
    15. The sound of seagulls.
    16. Watching movies/TV series.


      1. You’re included in numbers 4, 5 and 13, as well.

        When my dog pulls an antic that makes me laugh I usually think of you and wonder what you and your dogs are doing…and, very often, I think of you as I open up a book to read, too.

    1. I wonder if every writer is thoroughly sick of a novel by the time it’s done. I’m always still fond of the characters, but very much over myself and convinced everyone will pity me for thinking I’m a writer.

  3. That first cup of coffee in the morning, Kelly’s snoring, Alfie rolling over so I can rub his tummy, seeing my containers growing so well a month after planting them, cooking, among other things….

  4. 1. Little Man Dash
    2. Doggie Sugar
    3. Ice cold coca cola – bottle please
    4 Ponytail Palms
    5 red geraniums
    6 latin hotties
    7 non specific hotties
    8 writing
    9 time in the park with Dash and our friends
    10 summer nights on the porch sitting on the porch talking to neighbors.
    11 stitching
    12 surprise cards and letters
    13 Supernatural finale … GASP what is going to happen next year?
    14 feather pillows and feather beds
    15 music
    16 friends
    17 hump day happy!

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