Snoopy Saturday!

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Photo Friday, No. 440

Current Photo Friday theme: Intense

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Button Sunday

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Snoopy Saturday!

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That House: The Sunroom

The sunroom is where I have my office and the sewing and craft areas and supplies. Originally it was a patio, and previous owners had it built in. At first I planned to take out the vertical blinds, but now I’ve gotten fond of them. They make me think of Florida houses in the 1960s, appropriate since the house was built in 1960 and Houston’s climate is generally similar to Tampa’s.

How it was:

Indoor/outdoor carpet.

Floor being leveled, excessive and unnecessary cables being removed.


Note the dog beds scattered around the room on the new floor. Note Guinness on the floor. Note Anime on the sofa.

I bought those old tavern tables and stools many years ago after my mother moved out of the apartment at The Compound and I needed some furniture in there. Tim didn’t want to use them in his new place, so they now serve as a “computer bar” where guests can use my PC, if needed, or set up their laptops or other devices. I need for Lynne (HINT) to make new stool covers for me. I have fabric!

That stained glass window is one my mother gave me. It was propped in a window of the room at The Compound that was at different times my office and a guest room (aka “Lisa’s suite”). If you’re in the kitchen, the sunlight coming through the office illuminates it. At night, light from the kitchen brightens it from the other side.

My desk is a mess because I was in the middle of organizing a lot of paperwork when I shot these photos.

But you can also see my sewing machine, a work/craft table, Margot in a crate… Those filing cabinets were all different sizes and colors and were beaten up from years in our garage. Tom repainted them to match my black desk, and now when I need to find something, I don’t have to be devoured by mosquitos to get to it. Everything in one place: This is a luxury after twenty years.

When the blinds are open, I have a view of almost the entire back yard, so the dogs can run in and out and I’m always able to see what they’re up to. Here, little foster dog Macho is trying to talk Anime into going out with him. They all love the space outside.

I love the space inside.

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Photo Friday, No. 439

Current Photo Friday theme: Spring

Spring: Cleaning.

There’ll be endless gorgeous photos of flowers and birds and bees on the Photo Friday site. How many people will capture a twenty-first century “Downton Abbey” moment, though?

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We are…

…mostly unpacked and moved in to the House With No Name. What part of it would you like to see first?

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For Timmy, because it’s still your birthday month

I think of this shelf on my new built-ins as the Timmy Shelf. Not only are these children’s books (one of them a childhood favorite that you helped me find!), but a collection of some of my eggs sits next to an old chicken I bought 25-ish years ago made of antique quilts, and then I put your “Hen in Hay” collage painting with it. This little tableau makes me so happy. =)

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It’s tough to be the new kid

You can bet that Margot and Guinness were lying on their dog beds watching my photo shoot and snickering as they thought, Finally. Someone else can be tormented and we can enjoy a little dignity in our senior years.

Because clearly, our little foster dog Macho and the newest member of the family, Anime, are not feeling any St. Patrick’s Day love. But we all wish you a good and safe one.

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Button Sunday

Extending good wishes a couple of days early.

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