Runway Monday: Rock the Wedding (PR 13:6)

On the most recent episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, inspired by the new trend in untraditional wedding dresses worn by rock stars on their big day, the designers were told to wow the judges with their own version of an unconventional wedding dress.

The wedding dress I designed a few seasons ago remains my favorite, because if you’ve followed this blog at all, you know the only thing I love more than 1960s inspired looks is what I call the “tattered princess.” There’s always room to update that concept. I’ve had a shimmery plaid fabric I’ve been wanting to use and thought it would make a great unconventional bodice. I invited Noelle to the workroom and here’s the bridal look I created for her.

A closer look at the bodice. I love the way the netting of the skirt shimmers around Mattel’s flirty pink sandals.

Here comes the bride!

It’s a great day for a silver wedding. See you next time on the runway!

Previous looks from this season:

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100 Happy Days: 75

Guinness may not be impressed, but because I made a little extra income in August, I treated myself to the first pedicure I’ve had in… I don’t remember how long it’s been. And the person who gave it to me made it worth every dollar. Bath salt scrub, paraffin bath, and hot towels to comfort my tired feet, hot stone massage on my calves, and a great foot massage all before the polish. I needed that so much!

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100 Happy Days: 74

I was moving things around in a cabinet where things don’t get shifted often when I spotted this little guy who’d fallen behind some other items.

Did you ever get a Grow Capsule? You put it in hot water, and as the plastic capsule melts and water soaks into a small sponge, voila! You have a tiny sponge dinosaur, fish, or animal.

This one came from my father-in-law–maybe twenty years ago!–with its own twist. Put the capsule into a cup of hot water, wait a few minutes, and you are promised chocolate mousse! Or…moose, as the case may be. One of many things I like about Tom’s parents is their playfulness.

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Button Sunday

Does it drive you crazy when people do this? Me, too.

But I know I’ve been guilty, as well.

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100 Happy Days: 73

This is going to be meta, I guess, but what made me happy today was getting up to date on several different projects of one type or another. They included updating my Tumblr account. I’d begun putting these #100happydays posts there with that hashtag, but I was, oh, about 43 behind. All caught up now!

This is always a touchy subject with me, because Aries are known as idea people and great starters but poor finishers. I’ve been disproving that theory for a couple of decades, but it’s still a criticism that stings because it contains a stupid grain of truth.

For example, tonight I talked to Marika on the phone and told her an idea I’ve been kicking around for a novel.

“WRITE IT!” she demanded.

“Oh…I had the idea…why don’t you write it?” I suggested.

Aries are also great delegators.

Marika declined.

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100 Happy Days: 72

Hmmm. What do I do when most of the things that made me happy today are intangible?

Looks like a good reason for another dog photo! Sugar is spending Labor Day Weekend at The Compound. See how fired up she is about this?

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Photo Friday, No. 410

Current Photo Friday theme: Warmth

The warmer the better, as far as Margot’s concerned.

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100 Happy Days: 71

Today has been a long and busy day. All I really want is to put on my jammies, brush my teeth, get in bed, and read a few pages in my book before I zonk out. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Photo Friday at midnight? Not this week for this girl. Later…

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100 Happy Days: 70

Today, I gave Fiona her freedom ride out of BARC.

I’m not normally a scruffy dog person, but I am pro every possible dog getting the opportunity to go to a forever home in Colorado thanks to Rescued Pets Movement. I think Fiona knows good things are coming her way this week.

In fact, she’s gone from anxious crying in the car to exploration of the yard…

…and now a nice, relaxed nap.

Cari and Rob asked about hooves. These chewables are sold in pet stores and online, but a lot of people won’t use them because they can break and splinter. We let our dogs have them for only short periods of time with supervision. For one thing, hooves stink when they chew them! But they are a particularly helpful treat right now for Margot, as we can let her spend time out of her cone by giving her a hoof. Apparently a smelly hoof is more fun to chew on than her hind leg.

There’s a hoof in that second photo with Fiona, but her teeth are way too small to splinter the hoof. She mostly likes pouncing on it and knocking it across the floor.

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100 Happy Days: 69

Happy dogs make me happy! In celebration of National Dog Day, Margot got to spend time out of her cone when she and Guinness were given hooves stuffed with a spoonful of peanut butter.

We wish all the dogs we know a great day! And we hope that everyone who needs a dog will adopt from a rescue group or shelter.

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