Button Sunday

Speaking of cartoons, I think I miss them most of all.

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Snoopy Saturday!

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Photo Friday, No. 462

Current Photo Friday theme: Downtown

The Bayou City.

(Click here to view larger version on black background.)

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Simon Says…

Click here: Timothy J. Lambert’s Strut Your Mutt Fundraising Page

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Lights, camera, ACTION!

It’s very strange that a new season of “Project Runway” has begun and I’m not doing the challenges for Mattel’s Summer and Company at 1:6 scale. I miss my dolls, and the only thing I’ve sewn lately involved mending quilts with dog damage, but work is keeping me very busy. Somewhere in the midst of job and remodeling madness at Houndstooth Hall, I realized that Tim gave me a book for Christmas that I’d never read, and I posted this photo to Instagram.

Edward doesn’t approve my reading material maybe, but busting him out of his crypt made me wonder why there are no Lestat action figures. Actually, there are Lestat action figures, but I don’t think any were ever commercially manufactured, so if you find them online, they’re custom-made, and even if they’re for sale, they are some hideous amount of money that is way beyond anything I’m shelling out.

Then I wondered… Why not find an action figure I could alter to create my own Lestat? After looking at ebay for possible candidates, I ordered this pirate chick. With action figures, unlike with people, gender transitioning is simply a matter of fashion.

Although speaking of busting out… Unfortunately, once she was here, I realized she wasn’t created to the same scale as Edward. I might be able to disguise her endowments, but I couldn’t make her taller or bigger, and no way could Lestat be significantly shorter than Edward (Tom Cruise’s version notwithstanding).

Back to the drawing board; both Marika and Tom had the same suggestion. Order another Twilight action figure, who would be the same scale as Edward, and alter that one. After scrutinizing photos of every character available, I decided Victoria was the best candidate. Here’s how she looked when she arrived.

I wanted her coat to stay as it was and painted her other clothes to change their period to something more appropriate to the Brat Prince. With a haircut and some paint, Lestat began to emerge.

Then I made a discovery. When painting an action figure’s face, one needs a steady hand, a tiny brush, and the ability to magnify the crap out of one’s work. Because what I thought looked good, when photographed and embiggened, was a hot someone-left-the-cake-out-in-the-rain mess. I read a few online tutorials that led me to purchasing one of these (and now I don’t know how I’ve done anything crafty without it–I can see!).

And some of these, sharpened to a super fine point.

And though I still wouldn’t let any of you see my action figure’s face magnified, it’s better than it was. Finally, with paint, lace, and patience, WOOHOO! I present Prince Lestat (using the Elizabeth Taylor filter).

With or without a filter, not everyone is impressed.

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Button Sunday

And for the hot beverage drinking Harry Potter fans, I think this is superb.

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Fox Den

I’ve been so bad about posting anything beyond Photo Friday, Snoopy Saturday, and Button Sunday, but it’s been a crazy busy summer. We’d wanted a few things done to the apartment space at Houndstooth Hall, but the heavy rains we had in May made us aware that we needed some structural repairs done first. Basically the entire summer to this point has been various workers coming and going to make this building into solid and aesthetically pleasing living space.

I failed to take before pictures–the only ones I have are when the former owner lived here, and the space was filled with so much furniture, plus I didn’t shoot from good angles, that it would be hard to provide a sense of how the Fox Den has improved. The little door knocker to the left is something we gave Tim as his housewarming gift when he moved back into the apartment after being displaced for three months (as were his dogs!).

Below are photos of Tim’s finished space with the open concept he wanted. I shot these before he began moving back in. I know he really misses that gold shag carpet from his old Compound apartment, but he’ll probably adjust to the Fox Den in time. 😉 Our contractor Keith did an amazing job of listening to the combined (and sometimes conflicting) input of Tim, Tom, and me, plus he gave good advice on the materials we chose.

This area now has Tim’s sectional for the living area as well as his bed. Thank goodness the dogs have plenty of comfy places to sleep. I mean, to sit ever alert and on guard, as good dogs should.

The white cabinet to the left of the laundry room is a linen cabinet Keith custom built. It’s kind of awesome. Tim has his table on the kitchen side now, and then on the right side of that area, bookcases and his desk.

The apartment didn’t have a stove before. Tim spent five months using our griddle and small electric skillet to cook his breakfasts.

I miss my blue pearl granite from The Compound, but Tim used it on his bathroom and kitchen counters. I can enjoy it when I visit him.

The door knob is on the bathroom door now and Tim’s wonderful Keith Haring shower curtain is up. Everything looks a little slanted because of how I’m holding the camera.

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Snoopy Saturday!

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Photo Friday, No. 461

Current Photo Friday theme: Trees

Live Oaks in Houston, Texas.

(Click here to view larger version on black background.)

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Button Sunday

They misspelled “vampires.”

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