Photo Friday, No. 409

Current Photo Friday theme: Architecture

The Gorgas House, built 1829
First structure on the University of Alabama campus.

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100 Happy Days: 64

This is Monty. He looks like someone just told him the best joke.

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100 Happy Days: 63

Does anyone else see a Sky Shark in this photo? Just me?

My sister is the one who said “sky shark” to me. I didn’t know, and I suspect she doesn’t either, that the sky shark is a “Doctor Who” thing. I need to watch that series some day…

Sharks make me happy. From a distance.

ETA: My outline of what I see is in comments.

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100 Happy Days: 62

Trying to catch up after meeting Debby for a sister weekend. I hadn’t even unpacked my camera before tonight, so I don’t have any “today” photos, but what’s making me happy right now is looking through the ones I took on my trip. I made a side visit to the true greatest city in Alabama, Tuscaloosa, so let’s start with Manly Hall.

When I was an undergraduate, I had a work study job with an instructor on the first floor. The entire building was in disrepair (it was built in 1885–so it’s even older than I am!). There was an ancient window unit air conditioner in her office that wheezed and leaked, so the place always smelled faintly of mildew and her cigarette smoke, but I loved working with her. She’d been there forever and studied under some of the same teachers my father had, so her stories always had a familiarity to me. She was also instrumental in helping me find my voice as an essayist and gain confidence in my writing when I took a class from her.

A few years later, when I went back to Alabama as a graduate student with a teaching assistantship, I shared a huge office in Manly with other TAs–behind those corner windows–I think probably on the second floor. It looked out at the library, and I loved to sit in my desk next to the window, reading, writing, grading papers, and meeting with students. By then the building had been renovated, so there were no more wheezing air conditioners. Manly retained its charm, however.

I began my graduate studies with so much excitement and enthusiasm. And then, as happens to many young people, the absolute wreck I made of my personal life took over everything else. Love is a dangerous thing. Despite all that, I have lots of good memories, and this building is part of them.

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100 Happy Days: 61

Had to grab another one from my Instagram since I was traveling today and didn’t shoot anything with my camera. This sign always makes me laugh when I come back to Texas. I believe they make their point about the size of the state.

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Runway Monday: A Suitable Twist (PR 13:4)

For the fourth challenge of Lifetime’s Project Runway, the previous week’s challenge winner paired the other designers with vintage menswear suits. Each designer had to combine part of the suit fabric with additional fabric bought at Mood to create a new high-fashion look for his or her model.

Here’s one of Mattel’s interesting looks for Ken pictured with my extra fabric:

My model Grace is wearing it just for fun.

Here’s the look I created for her.

The pink at the pockets, mimicking men’s pocket squares and made from the shirt, pulls in the color of Grace’s Mattel shoes.

This was a fun look to do. Hope you enjoyed it, too. See you next time on the runway!

Previous looks from this season:

13:3 Welcome to the Future
13:2 Unconventional Movie Night
13:1 The Judges Decide

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100 Happy Days: 60

Happy today to get a photo of this house from a former hometown–where one of my works in (very slow) progress is set.

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Button Sunday

Still in the home state.

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100 Happy Days: 59

Old movie marathon with my sister and plenty of popcorn.

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100 Happy Days: 58

A gift from my sister.

Snoopy says, “Roll Tide!”

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