100 Happy Days: 94

I’ve infrequently worn perfume for many years, probably after I began working with essential oils. But I keep a variety of body sprays on hand because sometimes I like a light spritz of scent. I used the very last of this one today. I’ve been expecting to run out of it for a while, but it’s a little bittersweet to have finally emptied it. It’s made by a company called Ben Rickert, which went out of business several years ago. However, it’s not that I’m attached to the product so much as that I remember exactly when I bought it.

It was Tom’s grandmother’s ninetieth birthday and all the kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids converged to celebrate. Though we all gave her nice gifts, one of Tom’s siblings suggested we also buy Grandma ninety of something fun. Tom and I bought her a coloring book and ninety crayons. But I didn’t want to just give her the 120 Crayola box with 30 removed. So we went shopping for some kind of cool container to hold the ninety crayons.

Grandma at her ninetieth birthday party.

I found a collection of Ben Rickert bath products in a gold mesh basket that I liked. We replaced the lotion, soaps, and body spray with Crayons, and I think we also added the products to her other gifts, except for the body spray. I kept that, and every time I’ve used it, I’ve thought of her.

Grandma turned ninety in 2000, and she died in 2002. She never lost the twinkle in her eyes, her ability to tell a funny story, and her willingness to express herself. I don’t know if she ever used those crayons, but she sure made my world a more colorful place, and I was lucky to get her as my grandma by marriage.

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Snoopy Saturday!

Answer in comments! See what other people say! Snoopy wants to know.

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100 Happy Days: 93

Who was that masked man?

My friends crack me up. Tonight at Craft Night, Lindsey brought props to make something for a softball teammate. And Greg, in town for business, grabbed a couple so I could take a photo–then took it a step further with his pose. When I mentioned what a good sport he was being, Lindsey said, “He’s from New Orleans. A mask and a boa are like Tuesday for him.”

So there was crafting, dinner (sorry, Jim, no dog-gnawed rolls for Greg), great tales from Greg’s recent trip to Italy, and a brief appearance by Pollock the dog, who will be joining Tim tomorrow on RPM’s Strut Your Mutt team. RPM has raised over $100,000, and they only began in August, whereas some groups began in May. But from the smallest to the largest groups, this is a fantastic fundraising effort to save the lives of homeless cats and dogs throughout the nation. The money raised stays with the local groups, so a lot more of Houston’s dogs and cats will be saved thanks to the tireless fundraising efforts of Team RPM (especially Laura Carlock) and many generous donors.

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Photo Friday, No. 413

Current Photo Friday theme: Home

It’s a place you carry inside.

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100 Happy Days: 92

Lola is a rescue dog in the care of a friend. She’s a sweet, smart dog who is adored by everyone who meets her. Lola has degenerative bone disease and is undergoing treatment using donor stem cells. Because of her illness and a little “plumping” from the steroids that are part of her treatment, sometimes Lola has a bit of trouble being mobile. Another friend donated this little covered wagon outgrown by her son to help get Lola around from time to time. On her maiden voyage, Lola may be aboard, but I’m not sure she’s on board yet!

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100 Happy Days: 91

Today my sewing machine made me happy by being cooperative. And by that I mean that I set it up right, because whenever it isn’t being cooperative, it’s user error, not the machine’s fault.

Among the pet bedding choices donated to RPM were a large quilted bedspread and a large blanket. One of the drivers wished they could be more crate-friendly sizes, so I cut them into sections and stitched up the sides so they wouldn’t fray. Now more pups and cats than ever can enjoy them. And if my sections aren’t cut in precision sizes or my stitches aren’t straight, they won’t judge. They’ll burrow into them or lie on top of them or drag them around inside their crates like trophies just the same.

Paco, on the other hand, who’s spending the day here, looks a little judgy in the background. This is because he lives with Lynne, who is much more gifted with machine and needle than I am!

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100 Happy Days: 90

September 16 is my father’s birthday. In fact, if he were alive, he’d turn 100 this year. His own father lived to be 96–I wish we’d had at least that many years with Daddy.

But I’m very grateful for those that I did have, and it made me happy to think about him throughout the day and remember great family times.

This is also the date we celebrate Margot’s birthday–in his honor and because she truly has a Virgo personality. As her birthday presents, she got lots of treats and I didn’t force her to sit for a photo.

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Runway Monday: The Rainway (PR 13:8)

On the most recent episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, the designers were challenged to create avant garde looks that would be able to stand up to the elements, especially the rain. In fact, the runway was transformed into a “rainway” and the designers had to use waterproof textiles in their looks.

Okay, some points.

I’m not letting it rain on my computer, which serves as the backdrop to my runway.

Currently, I have almost zero time to design anything, much less an avant garde look.

Fortunately, I can’t be eliminated! And I have the most beautiful model and muse in the world, Summer. She’s helping me prove a point. There really is a woman who can make a trash bag look like fashion. Thanks, Summer!

See you next time on the runway with–hopefully–a more fashionable design.

Black bag used for dress from Murder By The Book. Boots and belt by Mattel.

Previous looks from this season:

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13:6 Rock the Wedding
13:5 The Klum of Doom
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13:2 Unconventional Movie Night
13:1 The Judges Decide

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100 Happy Days: 89

Moooooooose! Meet Moose. I happened to be at RPM’s office today when his foster mom brought him and two of his siblings in for supplies and medicine (good medicine, not “I’m sick” medicine). I was pretty sure he needed to come home with me after he curled up and napped against me for as long as I was willing to hold him. But apparently his foster mom thinks he’s pretty great, too, so she took him when she left.

Even a crappy cell phone photo can’t diminish the charm of a teeny baby puppy. And if you want to see the latest photos of all the dogs who traveled from Houston to their new homes in Colorado last week, click on that RPM link above and scroll down.

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100 Happy Days: 88

Organization! Color coding! Highlighting!

In other news, it’s possible my two petite dry erase boards will keep me sane as well as happy.

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