I couldn’t love them more…

…if they were mine. It’ll be hard to put them on the van to Colorado in a few days, but I know they’ll do great. Don’t let those big sad eyes fool you. These are some of the happiest dogs I’ve ever met–silly, inquisitive, affectionate, playful. I wish they could be adopted together, but I know they’ll be fine no matter what–dachshunds just need people of their own to love.

Sarah Beth and Gina Ann

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Photo Friday, No. 418

Current Photo Friday theme: Translucent

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It’s definitely real now

We close on the sale of our house the first week of November. Then we lease it from the new owner until we move into our future house–I just handed over earnest money and option pending checks–after mid December. We won’t be in the new Compound and unpacked by Christmas–but we just may be able to ring in the new year there. Everyone here is excited!

I don’t have photos of the new place yet, since I don’t think the current owner would appreciate me traipsing through it with my camera. But of course I’ll be flooding this blog with pictures sooner or later.

Meanwhile, you know what keeps us busy.




Between us, Tom and I gave these three their freedom rides out of the pound, though we didn’t foster them. They’ve all left for their new homes in Colorado.

One day I picked up these three and let them hang out at our house for a few hours until their foster mom could come get them.

Graham, Phil, and Darby definitely filled Craft Night with puppiness. They just left for Colorado today.

And for the last week, we’ve been taking care of these two toy-hoarding, chow-loving miscreants.

Gina Ann and Sarah Beth will travel to Colorado next week. You can see how stirred up they keep Margot and Guinness.

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A tapestry of rich and royal hue

There are the families we’re born into and the families we make. My life has been enriched by both. Sometimes my friends’ families become part of my life, too, and always their families’ stories are ones I love to hear and remember. Sometimes it’s my family members who bring their friends into my life.

Even when I can’t be with you, your joys are my joys; your sorrows are mine, too. I love you.

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Button Sunday

I think one of my favorite RNs was trying to send me a message by leaving her ID badge behind one transport day. Time to get that shot!

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Snoopy Saturday!

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Photo Friday, No. 417

Current Photo Friday theme: Autumn Color

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Button Sunday

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Snoopy Saturday

Been thinking a lot about families today, especially the families of Sam and of Tommy. Sending much love and strength your way. May infinite beautiful memories and the love of your family and friends sustain you.

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Photo Friday, No. 416

Current Photo Friday theme: Blur

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