Button Sunday

I am stunned these never appeared in my post office box or a Christmas stocking. Opportunity: MISSED.*

*You know who you are.

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Independence Day 2015

Looking out the library window today at Houndstooth Hall.

Rescued Pets Movement had a No Show Picnic. For the pleasure of not enduring ants, food that tastes of starter fluid, sunburn, and other such picnic activities, you could make a donation. I was delighted about this, because we really wanted a quiet day and a night in.

First, I made collar covers for our three hounds and Tim’s three just to show we did celebrate the spirit of the holiday.







They are all rescue dogs, ranging in age from almost two to almost sixteen, and they are very loved. As you may know, July 4 is the night of the year when more pets run away because they’ve been scared by the sound of fireworks. The Houndstooth dogs are not fans of the noise, so I donated to RPM to stay home and play music to block out the noise for these six. I even offered to donate more if anyone could guess the night’s musical choice. And while the guesses were good–Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Beatles–okay, maybe not Whitney Houston–no one guessed America’s band! You can hear them in the video posted below. I’ll still add to my donation even though no one correctly guessed whose music I’d play. In addition, here’s a link to a bonus 20-second video on Instagram. Marika said she’d donate to RPM, too, if I’d play one of my least favorite songs and say something nice about it. A snippet is all I’m willing to share of that one, because the rights belong to a very protective estate. Enjoy!

Six dogs completely undisturbed by the sounds of fireworks that are still going on!

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Snoopy Saturday!

Last week Snoopy asked your favorite thing about America. On this day of across-the-nation outdoor grilling, cooking, and eating, Snoopy wonders:

Those can be vegetarian dogs and burgers, by the way, and you don’t have to be from the USA to like condiments! But happy Independence Day to those of you who are. =)

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Photo Friday, No. 454

Current Photo Friday theme: Red

“Sock Monkey” by Joe Barrington, 2015

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Button Sunday

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Snoopy Saturday!

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It is so ordered


With liberty and justice for all.

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Photo Friday, No. 453

Current Photo Friday theme: Soft


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Button Sunday

As those of you who lived through it may remember, I spent 2011 pulling words from my various Magnetic Poetry┬« kits to create a poem a day. Back in July of 2014, Dave Kapell, founder of Magnetic Poetry┬«, presented an idea for taking the poetry from the refrigerator to the table top and asked his Facebook friends if they’d have any interest in such a collection. That concept became Wood Words, and I tossed my name in to be one the first fifty purchasers.

Yesterday, less than a year later, my set arrived, and it’s beautiful. Leisure time is almost nonexistent for me these days, so being able to indulge my creative side by spilling some of these beautiful tiles onto the table will give me an opportunity to let my mind play. I need that to replenish my energy and get a break from the harsher realities of this planet and the people who dwell on it.

My first poem from the set.

And you can turn the tiles over, too, to see what poem chance has created for you.

Thanks, Dave. I’m honored to be #45 and grateful not only for what you create, but who you are: one of the good guys.

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Snoopy Saturday!

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