100 Happy Days: 44

“I’m an old Southern woman and we’re supposed to wear funny looking hats and ugly clothes and grow vegetables in the dirt… I don’t know why, I don’t make the rules!” Ouiser, Steel Magnolias

Tom and I saw Steel Magnolias in the theater with Lynne and Craig when it was released. I’m not sure she’s forgiven me yet. As I said then, “It’s Southern. There are a bunch of female friends. One has a beautiful young daughter who’s ill. What did you think was going to happen?”

I don’t make the rules!

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Photo Friday, No. 406

Current Photo Friday theme: Big

(Click here to view larger version on black background.)

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100 Happy Days: 43

Lila’s bookcase at G’s house makes me happy for all kinds of reasons.

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100 Happy Days: 42

More mail! The origami butterfly is from Renee the Beautiful Dog of St. Louis, made by her person Rob just for me. Thank you Rob and Renee! And the post card is another from Marika, who says that Branson traffic made Lisa look just like Daffy. I wonder if she also sputtered and spit? Because that image is almost as good as a butterfly. But not quite. Marika, I’m sorry that the mail carrier didn’t check either of the options you provided–probably trying to pretend s/he wasn’t reading the postcard.

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Tiny People

Yesterday when I posted a photo of my wee customized RPM van and said I needed to find some tiny people to go along with it, it made me think of a work of art I saw last year with Tim and Jim. Houston’s Lawndale Art Center does a juried exhibit each summer called “The Big Show,” with the intention of featuring little-known or unknown local artists. Since Jim usually comes to visit in July, we make it a point to go by Lawndale. He wasn’t able to visit this summer, so I haven’t been to the 2014 exhibit yet, but I figured he’d enjoy remembering this piece from last year.

One of the things I love about looking at art with Jim is how we respond to creations that have a…shall I say, subtly sinister appeal. His reaction is usually to get what I call his Jim look–a lowered head, a raised eyebrow, and an otherwise inscrutable expression until he catches my eye and I start laughing–a kind of nervously appreciative laughter because I don’t know whether I want to curl up and shiver or run away–except I can’t seem to stop staring at the art.

Such was the case when we walked up to this tiny diorama called “End of the Road” by artist Leo Medrano. Tim, Jim, and I all had a kind of eek reaction to what I thought we saw: a man, possibly a hunter, with a big gun confronting a couple in the woods. We liked it; it scared us; I snapped a photo; and after a time, we walked on to the next work.

Except you have to understand, this piece is TINY. The dome it’s under is only eleven inches high, and the people are 1/32nd scale. I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so it wasn’t until I uploaded the photo to my computer that I saw how much more was going on than I first thought. Not one gun, but two. Two bad guys? One bad guy, one potential rescuer? And how much more disturbing that they’re all under glass, caught for all time for us to stare at and wonder about. What should be a bucolic scene–a chance meeting in a natural setting–and who doesn’t smile at a shiny Volkswagen?–teeters on the edge of violence–all for us to view. It’s not just The Hunger Games that questions where our fixation on “reality” entertainment may lead.

I love art.

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100 Happy Days: 41

I’ve delayed since Day 20 doing another full-on food post, but I can’t help it. I may have cooked it, but you can blame Lynne for this one. A little bit of eggplant, some okra, a yellow and white corn medley–but the real culinary delight is that salad, with fresh pear and cherry tomatoes and cucumbers pulled right off the vines in Lynne’s garden. Oh, man–who needs meat?

Here’s another one taken with my phone a couple of nights ago. That night it was okra, squash, purple hull peas, and the same fresh goodies in the salad.

Just like the tables of my people (except there’d also be meat, rolls and/or cornbread, and sweet tea).

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100 Happy Days: 40

Something that makes me happy on most Mondays is when the photos I took of the previous week’s Rescued Pets Movement transport are posted to their blog. Today I was standing in line at the grocery store when I spotted a marked-down toy in a bin. Purchased, painted, enhanced with logos cut from a letter I’d received, and–presto! My own little RPM van.

Now I need tiny Cowboy Jon, Alain, and Ed as drivers and some wee dogs and cats. I’m on a mission!

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Runway Monday: The Judges Decide (PR 13:1)

It’s the thirteenth season of Lifetime’s Project Runway, and like a big dumbass, I’m doing the challenges again! But I swear you won’t see any endorsements for refrigerators on this blog (unless they pay me), or Mary Kay Cosmetics (unless they pay me), or Phillip B. hair products (unless–you get the idea).

This week, the designers were to create a look that would give the judges a glimpse of how their spring collections would look if they presented at New York Fashion Week. The catch: they could select only fabrics found at their work stations. In an attempt to parallel the designers’ limited options, I restricted myself to fabrics that I received on my birthday.

Tim Gunn and Astrid, my model for this week’s challenge, show the fabric selection and welcome you to a new season!

I chose the sheer floral and Hello Kitty fabrics. Lest you think Hello Kitty is just for kids, here’s a look at the window of the Hustler Hollywood adult lingerie shop in New Orleans. Check out the bottom left corner.

Here’s the spring look I created for Astrid.

Hello Kitty peeks over the black band of the empire waist.

Hope you enjoyed the look. See you next time on the runway!

Astrid and the fabrics gift of Timothy J. Lambert; Mattel shoes gift of Matt and Johnnie. Black ribbon and sewing supplies from Lynne. Hello Kitty paid me nothing. Freeloaders.

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Button Sunday and 100 Happy Days: 39

I’ve been given carte blanche to plunder Lynne’s sewing supplies in her office/sewing room. When I remembered I needed a button for today, I knew if I explored these thread drawers I’d find something.

Throughout Lynne’s house are containers and bins and vintage tins and wooden boxes old and new and you never know what treasures you might find inside them. That’s part of what makes her a fun granny to Lila–and a fun friend.

This may not be an original smiley face button, but it looks old nonetheless. As Forrest Gump would say, “Have a nice day!”

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100 Happy Days: 38

Today I was sitting on Lynne’s patio enjoying the scent of freshly cut grass, the sight of her beautiful fairy garden, and an oddly mosquito-free and tranquil break from life’s usual hurry-busy-much to do.

I picked up my camera to share it all with you, when–BOOM!–

Photo bombed by a grumpy Chihuahua. Doesn’t that always happen?

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