A Movable Garden

We have let the little garden grow as it would over the past few months. The lantana is wild and overpowering, but beneath it, there are still other plants and flowers thriving.

It’s the playground of lizards.

The fragrance of the lavender soothes.

The mystery of it lures dog noses to snuffle their way in, and they often sample the flowers to see if the taste has changed since last time.

We will dismantle it when we go, moving its parts in pots, and then replant them at our new house. We hope they’ll thrive. We’ll create another small garden there.

Aaron would have turned twenty-one today.

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Photo Friday, No. 426

Current Photo Friday theme: Winter

Here, winter is more of the same palm trees you can see reflected in this shop window.

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Button Sunday

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Snoopy Saturday!

I don’t usually answer these in the post–maybe sometimes in the comments–but most of my friends know I have two favorite words. One is “snausages” and the other is “jackal.”

I don’t know why.

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This is how we celebrate

We closed on the new house back in mid November, and this is the week when the seller is moving out. Even so, we won’t be moving in yet, because we’re having new flooring put down wherever there is carpet. Off-white carpet and dogs do NOT mix.

But soon there will be photos!

Though Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of them all, Tom and I were both sick with colds so not in a very festive mood that day. Plus no one was here–Tim was away house- and dogsitting. So Tom made our Thanksgiving lunch of comfort food: grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

That was okay with me! We were able to enjoy photos from my brother’s and sister’s Thanksgiving dinners. The next day, Debby came to town and we did it up right that weekend.

Regardless, the DOGS were able to celebrate appropriately.

Including sweet Anna May, whose name has been officially changed to “Anime,” because–those big eyes and big ears are perfect for that kind of illustration. I need to learn how to draw her. Here she is with her new friend Sugar.

She also plays hard with friends Pollock, Pixie, and Penny. No photos of that, but here’s proof that she loves her sisters and they tolerate her.

Curled up with Margot.

Ready to snooze with Guinness.

A few days later, we celebrated Lynne’s birthday (which fell on Thanksgiving Day this year, but she was out of town). First she boxed everything that was in and on the built-in bookcases in the living room.

When the bookshelves are empty, you know shit’s getting real.

Then we had dinner and a cake with candles.

There is still a LOT to pack. Who’s coming over?

And on December 12, I celebrated the BEST job in the world when I became a great-aunt again. Welcome, baby Liam, and congratulations to Josh and Dalyn!

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Photo Friday, No. 425

Current Photo Friday theme: Blue

Joby and Jenee

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When they intercept signals from their home planet, their eyes glow green.

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Button Sunday

I found these buttons that I picked up at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C., in 1996. It was a cold October night when Amy, Tom, and I passed through the striking lion sculptures to go inside the museum and enjoy its collection of American art dating back to the 1800s.

We couldn’t do that now. After years of grappling with financial problems (I can’t help but wonder if some of those might have been avoided if the museum hadn’t lost a large bequest due to its part in the Mapplethorpe scandal in 1989), the collection’s fate is now in the hands of the National Gallery of Art and the school is being absorbed into George Washington University. Eventually the museum plans to reopen with a smaller gallery space that will feature rotating exhibitions from its collection chosen by curators from the National Gallery.

I’m lucky to have seen it when I did.

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Snoopy Saturday!

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Photo Friday, No. 424

Current Photo Friday theme: Depth of Field

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