Whimsy and the spin cycle

Over the last year, I’ve done a LOT of laundry. So when we moved into Houndstooth Hall and I began unpacking boxes and finding things I hadn’t seen in a while, I decided to create a fun wall in the new laundry room. (Well, I thought of it. Tom made it happen.) This is the first time Tom and I have ever had a laundry room inside any home we’ve lived in during our marriage. In our apartments, they were in exterior rooms; in our houses, in the garages. It’s kind of awesome.

The wooden paper towel holder was a gift from my brother back in the 1980s and has been in all my kitchens since. But because of the tiled backsplash in the new place, I couldn’t hang it. It’s perfect here, though! The cross-stitched pig is from my mother, and probably the pig couple and the Welcome pig are, too. The pigs with bells were finds at an antique store and are made from 1800s quilts. And the other pigs pictured here are probably all from Lynne.

Most people think pigs and dirt go together. But let me tell you, precious dogs and cats can create a LOT of dirty linen. I’ve been their laundress for over a year because I love them all.

A week’s worth of transport laundry. Now it will be done at the RPM clinic by kennel techs and volunteers and I LOVE THEM as much as dogs and cats! =)

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Button Sunday

Been sick for a few days and it’s really messing with my brain. I think I’m on the mend, though.

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Snoopy Saturday!

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Photo Friday, No. 445

Current Photo Friday theme: Moving

Last week on the day of Rescued Pets Movement’s ribbon cutting for their new clinic, we received an early visit from Clutch the bear, the Houston Rockets’ mascot. He was SO MUCH FUN! Along with his other antics, he danced with Tim. I love this organization, my job, Clutch, and the Rockets. More than 6600 dogs’ and cats’ lives have been saved thanks to the efforts of so many supporters–that is mind-boggling. This movement is helping rewrite the story for Houston’s homeless pet population.

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Flint is our foster dog for the next couple of weeks until he travels to Colorado. I knew I had to get him out of BARC so he could have his chance at a forever home, so I gave him his freedom ride. Then he was checked out at Rescued Pets Movement’s new vet clinic because they were worried he might have a contagious skin condition. After he got the all-clear, I knew we could foster him.

He was given a good bath at the clinic and flea meds. He was not a fan.

Anime hasn’t decided yet if she likes him. I’m hoping that as I take more photos over the next couple of weeks, his coat will look healthier, he’ll get some more flesh on him, and I can capture a few playful moments with them.

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a tradition continues

The last couple of weeks have been cuh-razeee. But as I do every year on April 28, I baked a cake in honor of my late friend Steve R’s birthday. We’re just all so busy that we didn’t have time to eat any until a day later!

We also use the April 28 date as Guinness’s birthday because when our friends rescued her off the street and we adopted her, the vet estimated her birthdate as April 2000. That makes her a big fifteen years old, and we’ve enjoyed every one of them!

She moves a lot slower in body and mind, and she just wants a simple life of meals and naps and occasional affection. She’s weathered diminishing eyesight and hearing as well as chronic kidney disease. But she still loves to eat. She wanders the back yard with interest. She tolerates all the other dogs. She hasn’t lost one bit of her sweetness, and even with gray and white hair, she still has her puppy face.

Happy birthday to Guinness, too!

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Button Sunday

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What matters in life is not what happens to you
but what you remember and how you remember it.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Snoopy Saturday!

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Photo Friday, No. 444

Current Photo Friday theme: Orange

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