A tapestry of rich and royal hue

There are the families we’re born into and the families we make. My life has been enriched by both. Sometimes my friends’ families become part of my life, too, and always their families’ stories are ones I love to hear and remember. Sometimes it’s my family members who bring their friends into my life.

Even when I can’t be with you, your joys are my joys; your sorrows are mine, too. I love you.

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Button Sunday

I think one of my favorite RNs was trying to send me a message by leaving her ID badge behind one transport day. Time to get that shot!

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Snoopy Saturday!

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Photo Friday, No. 417

Current Photo Friday theme: Autumn Color

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Button Sunday

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Snoopy Saturday

Been thinking a lot about families today, especially the families of Sam and of Tommy. Sending much love and strength your way. May infinite beautiful memories and the love of your family and friends sustain you.

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Photo Friday, No. 416

Current Photo Friday theme: Blur

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There’s some things you gotta know…

My little foster girl Bell didn’t like to ride in the car, so whenever we had to go anywhere, I’d sing to her. The first song she liked to hear (lyrics slightly modified) was, “Bell’s all about that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble, she’s all about that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble… She’s bringing booty back… She can shake it, shake it, like she’s supposed to do…”

She really came out of her shell in the days she stayed with us. She slept like a little champ in her crate every night, but during the day, she always wanted to be near people. Except sometimes, she’d sneak into Margot’s crate and sleep with her. Margot paid no attention to her, nor did Guinness. They are serious old ladies with no time for the likes of rambunctious puppies.

Bell loves toys, and a lot like Margot when she was younger, Bell’s a toy hoarder.

Like Guinness, she was also a total chow hound. I don’t know if we managed to get any weight on her because her legs were growing faster than we could keep up, but we did feed her four meals a day.

Thursday was her big date: her trip to Colorado. I sang to her all the way to transport. Then I asked another foster to take her to the van. I just couldn’t do it.

But after she was in her travel crate, I took some photos. She was all, “Get out of here already! I’m trying to meet my new neighbors!”

Her van was being driven by Jason and Mauricio, and I know she couldn’t be in better hands. But I visited her again before she left, and here she’s looking up at Jason as if to say, “Can we get on the road? She’s being all emotional and I’m FINE.”

What she really was was sleepy, because she was awake during her normal snooze time.

Later, I was texting with Cowboy Jon, and I told him to tell Jason and Mauricio if she acted bad, they needed to sing her second favorite lullaby to her:

“If you wanna get with Bell, there’s some things you gotta know, She likes her beats fast and her bass down low… Drop it to the floor… ba-ba-bass down low…”

Bell really is all about that bass.

I know by how quickly she adapted to life in our home, and by how unfazed she was by the frenetic pace of transport day, that she’ll be just fine with her new forever family. I’m hoping they’ll have kids, because she met a neighbor’s little boy through the fence one day and she was crazy about him. She has a great future ahead of her.

As for me, it’s official beginning next week, business cards and all. I work for Rescued Pets Movement helping manage and maintain records. With almost four thousand dogs and cats saved over the last year, and hopefully more than that over the next year, there’s a lot of information to keep up with.

I’m happy to be part of RPM because I’m all about those dogs, ’bout those dogs…

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Button Sunday

Happy birthday to all the October babies–young and beautiful at every age.

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Snoopy Saturday!

Looking forward to your answers in the comments!

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