Button Sunday

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Snoopy Saturday!

Holiday season is about to officially kick off in the USA! My readers in other countries feel free to share your favorite foods at your celebrations, too. =)

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Photo Friday, No. 422

Current Photo Friday theme: Metal

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Button Sunday

Oops, I did it again.

At some point, I know I have to stop taking even short-term fosters until after the beginning of the year. We’re all busy with work, we have so much purging and packing to do, and… None of it matters when a little dog needs a place for just a few days before traveling to Colorado. So once again, we’re fostering this mystery “podengo pequeno” mix, only this time they tossed in Italian greyhound, too.

The new foster is Anna May. When I picked her up at BARC, I was told she’s extremely timid but very sweet. It was accurate. When I sat next to her in the car, I wasn’t sure I’d even be able to get a photo of her because she was busily trying to find a place to hide.

She curves upward as if to make herself smaller. Like every foster parent, I wish I could know her story. I wish I could make her understand that she’s safe from now on. I told her this–I tell all the dogs I pick up, “This is your freedom ride. You’re getting out of BARC because someone wants you to be a forever dog in a home of your own. It’s all good things from this point on.” Then, as I drive, I explain about foster homes, about the long ride to come in a van with other dogs and cats, driven by people who will make sure they’re safe, warm, fed, watered, and walked, and after that, people in Colorado will find them good homes. (As a matter of fact, I just checked, and Betsy, our most recent foster, was adopted yesterday!)

Do dogs understand the words? Who can say. But I do think they know they’re safe, because even the most frightened or dispirited of them begin to emerge quickly into their real selves once they’re in a home. Anna May is still timid, but now we know that she likes our dogs even if she shies away from people.

And she loves to eat. In fact, I’ve moved her to three meals a day, even though she’s an adult (at just over a year old), because she’s hungry all the time, and I’d like to get more flesh on her before she travels. (She weighs just over ten pounds right now.)

Yesterday, she went on an adventure to the RPM office, where Taylor administered her third booster shot so she’ll be healthy and resistant to colds and other infections when she travels. She was very brave so Taylor gave her two Beggin’ Strips.

Did somebody say, “Beggin’ Strips?!?”

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Snoopy Saturday!

Snoopy was running behind today. Probably was away on some secret World War I Flying Ace mission.

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Photo Friday, No. 421

Current Photo Friday theme: Tiny

Dot says, “Who’s little?”

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Here’s another photo from the files that I forgot I had. Back in mid October, I went to a signing at Murder By The Book with Dean James (writing as Miranda James) and Wendy Lyn Watson (writing as Annie Knox). There was a good crowd with good questions, and I always like adding a book to a series I’m reading–in Annie Knox’s case, the Pet Boutique Mystery series, set at the Trendy Tails Pet Boutique, where shoppers can find canine couture, feline fashion, and murder done Merryville, Minnesota, style in Groomed for Murder.

In Dean’s–or Miranda’s–case, this is the first of a new series set in Athena, the same Mississippi town where his Cat in the Stacks series with librarian Charlie and Maine Coon Diesel takes place. The Southern Ladies series features two spinoff characters, the snoopy An’gel and Dickce Dukote sisters in Bless Her Dead Little Heart.

Dean’s career has taken him back to his home state of Mississippi to live, and though Houston will miss him, he’ll be returning for signings at my favorite indie bookstore–and I’ll always have his books to make it seem like he’s just down the street, writing who knows what kind of mayhem for his characters to deal with.

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Veterans Day

I shot this photo from my car last week (I was stopped at a traffic light) and thought today was a good opportunity to share it in honor of veterans like my father and brother.

Every time I think I’ll have time to write a post, something else happens. October was a busy month and November promises to be more of the same. So I’m sharing catch-up photos from the past few weeks.

Here are Sarah Beth and Gina Ann the day of their transport getting their travel collars. They arrived safely in Colorado and were adopted the same weekend.

Tim shot this photo with my camera at last week’s transport, and I love it. These are the transport toys that are very loved.

This envelope contains the papers that make it official. We no longer own The Compound. We are tenants until we move into our new home in December.

I do have photos of the new house, but since the seller is still living there and it’s filled with his possessions, I think it would be rude to splash those over the Internet. However, here you can see one of my favorite things about the new property: room for dogs to run. Pollock and Pixie in particular are going to love this.

Meanwhile, we’re putting a lot of our stuff that’s already boxed or binned in storage, including, as I think I mentioned, all the dolls. The other day I pulled up to the storage room and this was on the ground outside. It looks like a gruesome crime scene from “CSI: Mattel!” Fortunately, it didn’t come from one of mine, as they are all still securely packed away.

This is Betsy. Tom and I gave her her freedom ride out of BARC.

We are also fostering her. She’s a breed I’d never heard of: podengo pequeno mix. She’s a little over a year old and as sweet as she can be. She enjoys a peaceful coexistence with Margot and Guinness.

Betsy leaves Thursday for Colorado. It’s been a pleasure to share our home–or the home we’re renting–as part of her journey to her forever home.

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Button Sunday

Without punctuation, is Karma telling, exclaiming, or asking? Probably most of us are hoping for Option 3.

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Snoopy Saturday!

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