Button Sunday

This weekend our friends Jason and Jeff celebrated their thirty-five years together…by getting married. Congratulations!

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Snoopy Saturday!

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Photo Friday, No. 467

Current Photo Friday theme: Family

Rescued Pets Movement is coming up on 10,000 dogs and cats rescued from the streets and pulled from kill shelters to travel to adoptive homes in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. TEN THOUSAND. I’ve photographed almost every one of them, but this little family who I met when only a few more than a hundred had been transported has never left my mind or my heart.

If you saw Adora, a staffie mix, on the street, you might have crossed to the other side. She’d lived a tough life as a homeless survivor. Her patchy hair and a few scars made her look a little scary. But when I greeted her and her three newborns, I discovered that she was the sweetest girl and proudest mama ever. She seemed to understand the busy scene around her on transport day was good news for her family.

As it turned out, Adora had a serious illness, and I believe she stayed strong as long as she did to make sure her babies were safe. Once they were all living in a caring home in Colorado, she was able to let go peacefully, knowing her three little ones would never know the hardships she’d endured.

If I photograph ten thousand more dogs and cats for RPM, I will wish for each of them families like Adora’s, who’ll provide them long lives filled with love, and gentle goodbyes graced by dignity and compassion.

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Button Sunday

Sorry, very late. The button says it all, right?

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Snoopy Saturday!

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Photo Friday, No. 466

Current Photo Friday theme: Clean

One of my favorite photos of Tim and Margot from September 2009. Not sure which one got the bath.

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Monster Corner

Look who found a new home just in time for Halloween.

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Button Sunday

Today’s button is part of a bigger picture.

A few years ago, Lynne and I were digging something out of her large walk-in closet at her Green Acres house (she’s in a different home now, and about to move again, but that’s a good story for another day), and she pointed out her fringed, suede vest hanging in the corner, a leftover relic from our hippie high school days. I felt a pang of envy that she still had it and wondered aloud what might have happened to my fringed jacket from that same era. I thought I had a photo of Lynne’s vest, but I can’t find it, though I did one time put a high school photo of me in my fringed jacket on my blog, right after I discovered that it STILL existed. My sister had held on to it through the years and taunted that it would remain forever in her possession.

Debby has just moved to Houston–she found a bunch of buttons in her former basement that she brought to me, and the one above was among them. What she did not bring was my fringed jacket. It had been inadvertently left in a closet of clothes she was donating.

I felt a moment of regret, then I let it go. After all, up until three years ago, I thought the jacket was long gone from my life. It would never fit me now, and anyway, though the jacket would be a tangible connection to people and times that are gone but still loved, it’s all alive in my mind, right?

Then–as Debby was unpacking–look what she discovered!

And I’m sixteen again. Lynne will pick me up in her tiny white three-speed Opel, and we’ll go to my sister’s house that is never warm enough to hang out with Debby’s friends and probably Riley will come over and maybe My First Boyfriend and there’ll be cards and frozen baby Reeses Cups and breaking the law, breaking the law, as hippies did.

I still have my memories AND my jacket. Thanks, Debby!

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Snoopy Saturday!

Would a pirate say, “Ch-aaarrr-lie Brown?” Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

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Photo Friday, No. 465

Current Photo Friday theme: Creature

A mutt is a dog. He is the stuff of dogginess, a creature allied to species, not breed,
and untrammeled by human hand or preference.
Jean Hanff Korelitz

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