Celebrating a friend

My friend Dean James, writing as Miranda James, had a signing at Murder By The Book for Claws for Concern, the ninth book in his Cat in the Stacks cozy mystery series. I was a few behind both with this series and his Southern Lady Mystery series, so I now have plenty to read! (I promise I’m still going to read A Wrinkle in Time before I get started on these.)

In even better news, Dean signed a contract that means there’ll be more in this series. I’m happy for Dean and his many readers who enjoy these mysteries centered around librarian Charlie, his cat Diesel, and the small town of Athena, Mississippi.


Transport Thursday!

One day last month, three unrelated puppies all had to be taken directly from BARC to one of our emergency care partners because none were doing well. RPM needed someone to go to the hospital to sign them in and promise payment, so I offered to do that and met the volunteer transporter there. Her name is Melody, and she sat with me in the hours that the vets provided updates on all three dogs’ condition and care plans. Sadly, two of the pups didn’t make it–one seemed to have a congenital problem, and the other was fading from distemper-type symptoms. Both had to be humanely euthanized to end their suffering. Run free, sweet Daisy and Mellie.

Melody also brought Peabody. He was in a carrier, so I didn’t really get to see him before he was taken back. I knew he had a head injury and possible dislocated jaw (that’s why his tongue hangs out). He had a bit of a rough patch upon arrival, but he started eating and the ER staff, Melody, and I had lots of hope that he’d be okay. A couple of hours later, he was able to go into a foster home.

Peabody traveled today. He’s growing and doing great. His receiving rescue will take care of his injuries in Colorado, where a surgeon will get him all fixed up.

The losses can be devastating, but the successes… well, one day Peabody is going to be somebody’s perfect friend, and he will deserve all the love in the world after his rough start. Happy life, Peabody!


once again, it’s always about time

When we saw The Last Jedi in the theater, we also saw the previews for A Wrinkle in Time. I really want to see this movie, and I’ve never read the book. Neither has Lynne, so I picked up copies for us so we could read it before seeing the movie.

Life and work keep getting in the way, and I haven’t started it. I REFUSE to delay this so long that I don’t get to see the movie in the theater. Someone needs to hold me to this.


National Pancake Day

Last night Tom got takeout from IHOP for us because I felt like eating breakfast for dinner. I didn’t order pancakes, but for some reason, they were with the rest of my meal. I didn’t eat them because that would have been too much food plus I try to avoid carby-syrupy stuff, so I put them in the refrigerator thinking Tom might warm them up for breakfast.

This morning, I sat down at my computer and first thing I saw was that it’s IHOP’s fundraising National Pancake Day. IT WAS MEANT THAT I SHOULD EAT THESE PANCAKES.

They were delicious, even left over and warmed up. Sorry, Tom.


The Painters, the middle bedroom

Not sure if you can tell really, but once again we decided not to go with the former white. This is a very pale gray, but it almost seems to have a lavender tone. We like it and are looking forward to redoing this room because most of its furniture other than the bed and one display cabinet was lost.

Work and photos pictured here actually occurred later than post is dated.


A day late

Yesterday was Debby’s birthday, but she wasn’t having a good one. First, a trip back to Houston from Ohio, where she’d gone to be with the family of a friend who died, took twelve hours instead of six. Second, she is super sick (ETA: later found out she has pneumonia!).

Today Tom and I gave her a birthday dinner, and Tim and Lynne joined us, so Debby could have her traditional coconut cake. (I cheated and frosted half of it with chocolate.) One day the upheavals at Houndstooth Hall may actually be over, and everyone will be well again. No matter what, though, there are always things to celebrate!

(P.S. Debby’s fakin’ it; Tim blew out the candles to save Debby’s lungs and protect us all from germs.)

Lynne found the perfect T-shirt for her: “Southern Attitude: Extra Sweet, Extra Sassy.” That’s Debby!