Hump Day Happy

Moo Cards make me happy. These small-sized business cards reproduce fragments of my paintings on one side and contact/web site information on the other side. Moo did such a good job that I plan on another order featuring my novels. Check out their web site linked above. (No, I’m not getting anything for this endorsement.)

Meanwhile, if you give me a page number between 1 and 611, and another number between 1 and 25, I’ll be glad to find something in this book for you that’s almost as good as Moo Cards.

Oh, wait. Did somebody say “Moo?” Hi, Rhonda!


39 thoughts on “Hump Day Happy”

    1. Brace yourself; it’s a detailed one:

      “a table laden with platters of cider-baked ham and roast turkey, crocks of apple butter, bowls of green beans with smoked side meat, scalloped sweet potatoes with apples, sweet-and-sour cabbage salad, an iron kettle of thick bean soup from the stockpot, a basket of hearth bread, and tins of fruit pies.”

      I think I need some breakfast now.

    1. You should get a set with some of your favorite images on them! (You can use up to 50 of your photos to create them.)

      The book gives you “Boeing 727s and 747s.” Going somewhere else?!?

      1. I need to look into cards. That’s for sure.

        I won’t be flying anywhere until Memorial Day for my cousin’s wedding. Maybe this is telling me to get off my ass and make those reservations! LOL

  1. Thank you for that link! I’ve been checking out online business card companies and I hadn’t seen that one yet. Oh and 21/13 would be nice, thank you ever so much.

    1. You are most welcome and today you receive “showing sensitivity and concern.” Since that’s always you, I went to the other book and you also get “beachfront vacations.”

      1. Thank you on a lot of levels.

        I’m one of those weird people who would love some beachfront property for the water, not the beach. The first time that I ever spent the night listening to waves washing against the shore was magical.

    1. Is it raining on you? ‘Cause it’s all rainy here, and that would certainly contribute to the morose theme. So the book gives you “flower-sellers arranging their wares in the town square.”

      1. No rain here…yet. I hope it doesn’t rain too hard here. I really want to go walking at the track again. I hate my gym. It’s so dreary!
        The cause of my morosity is frustration with certain people.

        I like flowers, so that works for me!

    1. I believe this one was made specially for you:

      “waking up naturally (no alarm), pulling on a comfortable robe, brewing some coffee, picking up the paper, and getting right back under the covers.”

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