LJ Runway Monday: The Best of the Best (PR 6:11)

On the most recent episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, the contestants were asked to create a companion piece for one of their own designs rated highest by the judges. Since I’m not competing with anyone on LJ Runway Monday, I asked my LJ, FB, and Twitter friends to vote on their favorite of my designs from this season. Though it was a dead heat between three looks for a while, my Lights, Camera, Sew! design in Episode 6 finally pulled ahead (although not because one of you voted for it three times!).

If you recall, for that challenge, my model Maggie was cast in a movie in which she time travels between current-day Manhattan and the European village of a late-nineteenth century Roma family who befriends her. During her adventures, she finds true love–though only the end of the movie reveals whether he lives during this century or a previous one.

What’s one way to end a romantic comedy? A wedding, of course! Though I had planned to create a wedding dress as part of my final collection, I decided to let Maggie’s look inspire one that in this challenge will be worn by her stunt double, Kikki. Some of you may remember Kikki as the fabulous Figaro de la Fontaine’s identical twin cousin. Figaro (on the right in this photo) was the featured model last season of Mark G. Harris, a reference that’s appropriate. I was inspired by his use of color for the wedding dress in his final collection. I was also inspired by designer Timothy J. Lambert’s fashion-forward bow for one of Nikki’s designs from last season.

Figaro in MGH’s wedding gown. Nikki in TJL’s evening gown.

So… Is any of this look MINE? Oh, I think you’ll agree that it is.

My trademark circular skirt in white satin and tulle.

The crêpe bodice has faint patterns in light lavenders and grays.
It’s form-fitting with slightly capped sleeves.

I hand-stitched pearls onto the tulle to repeat Kikki’s double strand of pearls and pearl earrings.

The lavender, unfinished gauze silk sash is braided in the front, then ties in a back bustle and cascades down the skirt.
Shown below with the veil down, then lifted.

I used the tulle to make the stockings, then embellished the boots with the same trim that’s on the veil.

The total look:

And shown with the look that inspired it:

Kikki and Maggie up close, because they’re just so beautiful:

Must dash out to a wedding reception movie premiere! But I’ll see you next time on the runway!

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22 thoughts on “LJ Runway Monday: The Best of the Best (PR 6:11)”

  1. Oh my GOD! Becky, that is gorgeous. I love every inch of it – there are traditional elements that are reworked in completely different way. You managed to combine traditional with sassy! My favorite part — marabou feather boots – it brings a smidge of sexy to the outfit. I love it, fun sassy, and still sophisticated.


    1. Last night we watched the Valentino documentary. Looking at his work through the years made me realize again how dismal the contestants have been this season.

  2. Good grief, that is really beautiful. Tour de force! Each element, bodice, skirt, bustle, is a star and together they’re a milky way of gorgeousness, really a vision here, sublime. I really adore the bustle material and technique right now… was that hard to do? Also, I might have to nag you via e-mail sometime for tips on how you make stockings. Each star could dominate a design; I’d love to see the raw silk braiding used all over a dress– really taken with that. So glad the movie challenge was the winner (x3)!

    1. Thank you so much. =)

      The bustle was not hard to do. And if you could see the seams of my stockings, you wouldn’t want tips from me, I promise! I should probably take more care with them, but they are usually just something I get out of the way first.

      One of this season’s contestants uses a lot of braiding to good effect with straps and interesting backs to her garments.

    2. It was only after I put all my fabric away that I realized I still had a little bouquet that I’d meant to embellish and let her hold. Once I retrieved your wedding dress photo, I was glad I didn’t use it–I was already dangerously close to stealing from you.

    3. And finally, I have to correct myself. I don’t know why I said “raw silk.” It’s not. It’s an unfinished gauze silk. I’ll fix that.

      But raw silk braiding for an entire dress would be GORGEOUS.

  3. Dude, that dress is so bitchin’. I dig all the different textures together. And I so need to get Maggie to teach me how to deal with my bangs… hers look hawt.

  4. That is one great looking dress! I was going to start listing everything that I really like about it, but that’s pretty much everything. 🙂

  5. Definitely makes me wanna dress up.

    Although the judges might way that while this may be a companion piece for the original theme, the dresses don’t use the same colors or materials and thus can’t necessarily be connected to one another without knowing the whole story. Then again, one of the judges is orange.

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