Evacuation Hell

Gridlock. Everywhere. In five hours, we got 15 miles. And then we gave up. We are with friends in the suburbs and hoping that the worst that may happen is power loss.

It appears we could have made the right decision, as Rita currently seems to be targeting New Orleans. Now I’m worried about Greg again at his housesitting place.

Thank you!

For everyone who’s calling and e-mailing, thank you for making me feel that we’re doing the right thing. The skies are just beautiful. The house has been safe through eighty years of tornados, hurricanes, and floods. Normally, I wouldn’t even consider leaving. But Katrina’s images from New Orleans and Mississippi took “normal” right out of my vocabulary.

Everyone be safe. =)

Catching no flies here

All the wonderful essential oils that I use in my practice (massage and various other voodoo that I do) are in my massage room which is in Tim’s apartment. This means I don’t encounter them on a daily basis unless I bring some over to the Home Office.

Today, I was next to a bookcase in my dining room when wonderful aromas alerted me that something good was nearby. I realized that a little atomizer of a flea-repelling blend I’d made for the dogs was sitting there, sending out a faint hint of lavender and cedar. I couldn’t resist, spraying some on my hands then putting them to my face for a big whiff.

What I’d forgotten was the carrier I used for those oils: apple cider vinegar. Now I smell like an unusual coleslaw, even after washing my hands twice.

Random thoughts on voyeurism

The first time I visited my friend James in an apartment he’d just moved into in Houston and was given the tour, I realized that his bedroom window had a great view of a residential mid-rise. “Oh, man, can I PLEASE come sit in your bedroom and stare at that building at night?” I asked. “Absolutely not!” he answered. “What is wrong with you?”
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Warning to Whippersnappers

Weird shit happens as you age. I’m not talking about the way things sag, wrinkle, and gray. Everyone knows that. I’m talking about brand loyalty.

I grew up a Crest kid. Oh, sure, I’d indulge myself in an occasional fling with an Aim or a Colgate. I was briefly tempted by Pearl Drops. (Mmmmm, it’s a great feeling!) Thanks to Farrah, there was even that summer interlude with Ultra-Brite. But I always came back to Crest.

Then there was Secret. You know, it was made FOR ME. A woman.

But as I entered my pre-menopausal years, things changed. Secret wasn’t so secret. I abandoned it for Adidas. Which, oddly, smells good instead of like tennis shoes. And Crest seemed to lose its flavor. But so far, I just can’t give it up. Probably my last grin will be a Crest grin.

My Rant for the Day

We all do things now and then that we wouldn’t share with our parents. Getting drunk with our friends in high school. Blowing off classes in college. Getting involved with a person who’s absolutely wrong for us. Losing our religion. Getting fired from a job because we deserve it. Leaving the kids with a sitter so we can do something totally self-indulgent.
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If the coffee in your pot is cold, and you pour a cup and put it in the microwave, and get distracted and leave it in too long, then take it out and put two packets of Sweet and Low in it, it will foam up, bubble over, spill across your countertop and down the front of your cabinet to the floor.

So don’t do this.