That House 3

The former owner had cabinets of pecan custom made for his dining room–the room that will be our living room.

They weren’t built in, but one day while we were at the house, he asked if we wanted them. He wasn’t selling them, he was just willing to leave them, we figured probably because they were too heavy to move! I’d had other plans for that wall, but hey, it’s good furniture so we said yes, he could leave them there.

When the floor guys came, they helped Tom move the cabinets out of there, plus he took the mirror down, and that’s when we discovered that when the room was repainted at some point, they just painted around everything. They really are that heavy!

But Tom took care of that. Current appearance:

Since the middle cabinet is bonus storage space I didn’t expect to have, we gathered up all the games and puzzles from all the places they were tucked away at The Compound. Look, Lindsey, ORGANIZATION!

Bonus and unrelated shot for my family: How familiar do these look?

That House 2

The not-so-slow evolution of the master bedroom.

One day Tom spent more hours at the new house than I expected considering what he’d told me he’d be doing there. In fact, he was doing a home improvement project I didn’t know about.

This is an angle showing the master bedroom right after the seller moved out.

Tom painted it very close to the same blue that’s in our current Compound bedroom as a Christmas surprise. And thanks to our hardworking flooring guys, no more carpet!

Janet, if you’re seeing this, you might remember this switch plate you gave us one year. It was on the mud porch at The Compound. There aren’t many light switches like this in the new house, so Tom put it in the bedroom where the contrast against the blue wall shows it off. =)

As yet unnamed new property

There may be carpet to be pulled up and new flooring to be installed, walls to be touched up or painted, an entire house to be cleaned top to bottom, and endless other jobs to be done before moving in, but the first thing Tom and I did in the new house after the seller was out was have a little fire in the fireplace. Who cares if it’s Houston and too warm this December for a fire? We have our priorities. =)