Palmetto Bugs, Revisited

Deep in one of Tim’s journal entries, Rhonda (rightfully) chastised me for letting Houstonians in THE DEAL use the term “palmetto bug.” She also wrote entertainingly of her mother’s assault on these tree roaches with flip flops, then Rhonda shocked me by saying she goes after them with a rolled up newspaper. My answer, below.
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Hey, Rhonda!

Get yourself a belated birthday present on June 1, when you can buy the U.S. release of “And Tango Makes Three,” the story of two gay male penguins at Manhattan’s Central Park Zoo who get some help with their desire to have a family. (Authors: Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson)

Penguin love! =)

Private Entries

I just scrolled back through my Live Journal and made a bunch of entries “Friends” only. So if you’re one of those fabulous people from elsewhere (you know who you are, and so do I) and you think you may be missing out on something extraordinary that I’ve said, you’re probably not. But if you get your own Live Journal name and let me know (it’s free, after all!), I’ll add you to the “Friends” list.


Tim, our hairdresser Larry, and I recently had a discussion about flirting. Tim said he’s not very good at it. I said it’s the kind of thing Southern girls learn before we’re out of the cradle. Are you a good flirt? What’s your technique?

My favorite topic

When I first met Tim, he had long hair, and I loved it. He was still living in NYC when he cut it off, and he sent me a little braid of it as a memento.

After he moved here, I begged him to grow it long again, and he did. He has great hair, so it looks good long. Plus, I don’t know. He does all these cool things that give him a rock star look. I know he didn’t keep it long just for me, but he definitely didn’t want to hear me whining if he decided to cut it, so it got longer and longer. Like this.
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I just finished reading Michael Cunningham’s novel FLESH AND BLOOD. I swear I must have started it years ago and something interrupted, because the beginning was familiar. But a few chapters in, it was all new.

What a fantastic novel. I’ll be thinking about it for a while with admiration and respect. Okay, I’ll gnash my teeth with jealousy. Rend my garments in a fit of pique. Then I’ll let it go and get back to work. After the 15th, according to my horoscope in OutSmart Magazine.

Larry my wonderful friend and hairstylist told Tim and me today that our picture was in the back of OutSmart. So it was! All four TJB writers at our Houston signing (thank you, Cullen and Borders). And thank you, OutSmart, Tim Brookover (editor), and Dalton Dehart (photographer).