I believe you all remember that Margot was the Queen of I DO NOT WANT CHANGE DO NOT LIKE.

Margot on the chair that became known as The Throne.

Guinness was a lot more easygoing.

You can not imagine how much I miss these girls. I love all three of our dogs and their unique personalities, but I always feel a little wistful for the ones who shared so many wonderful years with us. I’m glad that Anime got to know both Margot and Guinness, and glad Delta shared some time with Guinness.

The chair and settee they are pictured on took a lot of beating during the flooding. Water on the legs, of course, and being piled against wet or damp furniture. They just seemed dark and sad to us.

We decided to have them cleaned, repadded, and reupholstered. Tom and I had a lot of fun one day looking at fabrics at the upholsterer. It was one of the first things we did for our house after the apartments were nearing completion, and it felt so optimistic and forward moving.

We just got them back this week and love the way they turned out. We are 100 percent sure Queen Margot would not have given her blessing, though.

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