Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day has nothing to do with why I’m celebrating (though I am wearing green).

Today, FINALLY, every room (for now–this is about to change in the kitchen) has walls, and every room except the office (still to come) and kitchen and bathrooms (don’t need) has new flooring. Our tile people officially finished Phase I today.


Below is some natural stone tile that Kimberly at The Tile Shop helped us pick out for transitions between the new floor tile and the old kitchen tile (which didn’t need replacing). We love it.

Going from kitchen to library.
Going from dining room to kitchen.

As you can see, Tom and I now have to clean grout haze and just plain dirty floors. Although it’s a bit pointless until all the work is done, I’m so excited to have floors again that I want to make the attempt.


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