The Office

Ha, just think of all the people who could land here because they’ve heard there might be a new season of “The Office.” I’m with you, seekers, I loved “The Office.”

Back in December of last year, here’s how the Craft Room side of the office looked.

So. Because of the flood: the white bookcases are gone. The sofa is gone. The craft cabinet behind the sofa is gone. The two office chairs on the right are gone. The doll house on the upper left is half gone (the bottom half). The couch pillows are gone. The ottoman is gone. Of course Chaya on the ottoman is gone, but that’s because she traveled to her forever home over a year ago. The three miscreants on the sofa are still here, and that’s more important than anything else.

Currently in the same space is where we’ve temporarily set up our bedroom.

The bed and the bedside table on the left are what we could save from our bedroom furniture. We lost the dresser and the armoire. The couch on the right is the one that was in our living room and will go back there. The table on the right with the Tiffany-style lamp is a new one Debby bought for herself then decided she didn’t want so she gave it to Tom.  His shoes in a bin on the top of a cardboard box are a Jack deterrent. (Jack loves shoes.) Anime is on the bed. You can’t see her, but Delta has made a pillow fort from my pillows. It’s cold in Houston, and Delta is over it.


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  1. I love paneling. I miss paneling. I think this is a warm inviting room, no matter how it’s used. Also I’m with Delta

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