Three Great Women

This is why I’m a crazy idiot…

Today is the birthday of three fantastic women in my life–Shawn and Amy who I met at work back in the Dark Ages, and Lisa, my nephew Aaron’s mom. So I was going to do a post about them with photos, and I actually got up from my desk and walked across the room to where the bookcases with my photo albums are so I could snag a photo of each of them…

THERE ARE NO BOOKCASES. They were destroyed in the flood. The photo albums have been in storage for several months. And right now, where the bookcases were, is where I’m sleeping every night.

How does one forget such a thing when she’s sitting in the same bookcase-less, photo album-less room with furniture stacked all around her?

Because one’s thoughts of her friends and her wish for their happy birthdays drives all else from her mind. Let’s go with that. Or “crazy idiot.” Your choice.

Happy birthday Lisa, Shawn, and Amy. If I weren’t living in a fog, you’d have birthday cards from me. Or at least a better blog post.


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