4 thoughts on “Photo Friday, No. 570”

  1. I’m the worst! I’ve been wondering how you guys fared with the hurricane but didn’t want to bug you. I asked Marika today, and she said a lot of what she knew was from this blog. I totally forgot about this! I’m only ever rarely on Facebook and that’s where I hear about people. I haven’t even lurked on LJ for months. Wish I lived closer to be able to help out.

    1. Yeah, I miss out on a lot by not being on Facebook (except the limited amount I use it for work). Your whole family could have moved to Hawaii by now! (I wonder if there are any dead deer trails there for the dogs.) I do check LJ as often as I can just in case anyone has posted there.

      Thank you–we have a long road ahead of us, but eventually we’ll be back and better than ever! (If I’m not drooling on myself by then and unable to enjoy it.)

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