some progress

What you may have gathered from previous posts is that Tim is not back home with his dogs yet. But yesterday his return journey officially kicked off. Let me give you a little perspective.

This is Tim’s apartment right after it was finished and ready for him to move in back in 2015. Keith our contractor and his crew made it so pretty, right?

The photo below is after the flood. If you look at the towel hanging on the stove, you can see the water got at least as high as its bottom, and it began soaking up the water that makes part of the towel darker blue. It was just under fifteen inches deep in there. The water opened the cabinet under the sink and stuff began floating out of it. Here, the water has receded to only about two to four inches deep.

About five days after the flood, thanks to the return of Keith and Crew as well as Jess and Pete, Tim’s apartment looked like this.

After yesterday’s installation of insulation and today’s hanging of drywall, things are looking a little brighter in Fox Den!


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