Poet’s Day

August 21 is Poet’s Day. I was going to pull some of my favorites from the shelves, except then I felt I was slighting others, and all of them are brilliant to me for different reasons.

So off the top of my head and in no particular order,


Who are your favorite poets?


6 thoughts on “Poet’s Day”

  1. Well I just bought Eddie Poe’s complete works, and I love Michael Longley, especially Ceasefire, the last two lines are beautiful… and have you ever heard of Merrit Malloy? I will be honest, I don’t know if she is good or not, my Dad gave my mom her books when they were working on their marriage in the 70’s and when I found them I wondered if that was what love was like. I always remembered them and I wonder if I remember them right and what I would think of them now. And you know me, I love to sing me some Dickenson

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