Let’s make a deal!

I have my own fundraising team for Rescued Pets Movement’s Michelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge 2017. You can see how to donate by clicking here. Right now, I have ZERO DOLLARS. I need help!

If you’ve been following Pet Prose, you know that many of RPM’s rescued dogs and cats have been sharing excerpts from their writing on my blog. If you contribute to my team, a future author will include you as a character in their work! You’ve always been quite a character–now everyone will know it.

Or if you prefer, I can name one of RPM’s rescued dogs after you or the name of your choice (names should be ten letters or less and G rated).

Have a little fun, give a little money (NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL and you can opt out of paying the CrowdRise fee), and help RPM save more dogs and cats! (And also keep me from having zero fundraising dollars.)

Feel free to link to this post from your FB or Twitter account. I thank you and so does Gerald, pictured above. He’s safe and ready to travel next week to his new home because of the kindness of folks like you.


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