It’s in the bag

Another set of tiny things I found in the bin with Mother’s stuff was her collection of thimbles. I actually thought I gave these away after she died, so it was a surprise to see them. Debby said she remembers Mother buying some at antique stores, and I’m betting many of them came from various friends and from us. Maybe one of her great-grandkids will like sewing, so I’ll know who to give them to one day.

Hands down, my favorite is on the far left, a roadrunner behind a cactus. Clearly more decorative than a working thimble. I wonder if she picked that one up when she and Daddy traveled in the RV out west with Aunt Arliss and Uncle Roy Jr. Arliss was six years older than Mother, but outlived her by six years. Whenever they were together, they acted like girls, and there would be whoops of laughter as they reminisced or navigated the challenges of aging.


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