Button Sunday

As those of you who lived through it may remember, I spent 2011 pulling words from my various Magnetic Poetry┬« kits to create a poem a day. Back in July of 2014, Dave Kapell, founder of Magnetic Poetry┬«, presented an idea for taking the poetry from the refrigerator to the table top and asked his Facebook friends if they’d have any interest in such a collection. That concept became Wood Words, and I tossed my name in to be one the first fifty purchasers.

Yesterday, less than a year later, my set arrived, and it’s beautiful. Leisure time is almost nonexistent for me these days, so being able to indulge my creative side by spilling some of these beautiful tiles onto the table will give me an opportunity to let my mind play. I need that to replenish my energy and get a break from the harsher realities of this planet and the people who dwell on it.

My first poem from the set.

And you can turn the tiles over, too, to see what poem chance has created for you.

Thanks, Dave. I’m honored to be #45 and grateful not only for what you create, but who you are: one of the good guys.


13 thoughts on “Button Sunday”

  1. Goodness, how time flies, and how a mere 4 years feels more like 2 ro me these days. The clock seems to go by much faster, well, to me anyway.

  2. Such an appropriate poem for the wonderful wiggling tribe of puppies having large dreams about their forever homes! I look forward to many more creations from your new treasure box of words.

  3. Wow. What a lovely thing to own.

    Apologies again, for my protracted absence. I am looking forward to catching-up on the last few months.

    1. No apology necessary. I love reading what you’re up to and seeing all the house photos. It’s amazing what you and Chris have done. (With Scruff and Poppy to project manage, of course.)

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