Runway Monday: The Judges Decide (PR 13:1)

It’s the thirteenth season of Lifetime’s Project Runway, and like a big dumbass, I’m doing the challenges again! But I swear you won’t see any endorsements for refrigerators on this blog (unless they pay me), or Mary Kay Cosmetics (unless they pay me), or Phillip B. hair products (unless–you get the idea).

This week, the designers were to create a look that would give the judges a glimpse of how their spring collections would look if they presented at New York Fashion Week. The catch: they could select only fabrics found at their work stations. In an attempt to parallel the designers’ limited options, I restricted myself to fabrics that I received on my birthday.

Tim Gunn and Astrid, my model for this week’s challenge, show the fabric selection and welcome you to a new season!

I chose the sheer floral and Hello Kitty fabrics. Lest you think Hello Kitty is just for kids, here’s a look at the window of the Hustler Hollywood adult lingerie shop in New Orleans. Check out the bottom left corner.

Here’s the spring look I created for Astrid.

Hello Kitty peeks over the black band of the empire waist.

Hope you enjoyed the look. See you next time on the runway!

Astrid and the fabrics gift of Timothy J. Lambert; Mattel shoes gift of Matt and Johnnie. Black ribbon and sewing supplies from Lynne. Hello Kitty paid me nothing. Freeloaders.


17 thoughts on “Runway Monday: The Judges Decide (PR 13:1)”

    1. Ha ha ha. Thank you for liking the dress. HH is right across the street from KRYSTAL HAMBURGERS! Who also never pays me for endorsing them.

      As I sat at my counter enjoying my little burgers, I was all, Is that a HELLO KITTY bag next to the honey in the swimsuit in the window across the street? Indeed it was.

  1. My husband thinks I have a “Hello Kitty” fetish. I’ve never owned a single “Hello Kitty” item in my life, and barely knew what it was before he started in with this insanity. Over the last few months, I’ve discovered several of my friends actually DO obsess over this thing. Maybe the collective obsession is what my husband senses…

    Cute dress, though!

    1. I can’t stop laughing at this.

      Thanks–I’m going to have to find something to do with the rest of that Hello Kitty fabric. I should make something for your husband. Maybe HE’s the one with the Hello Kitty fetish.

  2. What an adorable dress!!

    Is it bad that as I was watching Thursday, I was thinking more about what your first look than what was going on on the show? That being said, I am Team Char, thus far & am counting the days til Mitchell gets sent packing.

    1. Thank you!

      I like Char, too! Is Mitchell the one who was in the bottom two? If so, I’m ready for him to go! But I keep thinking he may be one of those they make you hate at first, then he turns out to be an okay person. You never know!

    1. Wasn’t there something else that came out similar to Hello Kitty about the same time? If so, HK left whoever it was in the dust. You can’t toss a piece of catnip without hitting HK somewhere. =)

      Glad you like the colors. Goodness knows what the rest of the challenges will be like this season.

      As an aside, I’m a Mattel girl all the way. And they don’t pay me either. If only they did!

        1. Fixed the html–for a while I was clueless what you were talking about because this (above) comment for some reason was held for moderation. Now it’s all clear.

          And actually, the only thing that matters is that you directed me to Rob Lowe. You know the way to my heart. =)

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