Drink up

If I grab fast food for lunch when I’m on the go, I usually ask for a bottle of water instead of a soft drink. Because that bottle of water cancels out French fry calories or whatever chemicals are in nuggets, right? Then I keep refilling the bottle through the day, and often I add a packet of peach tea to it, giving my water a nice amber color.

The other day, I had another liquid of an amber color on my desk (we were considering putting some on Margot’s feet to make her stop incessantly licking them), and I can’t tell you how many times I picked it up and almost unscrewed the top thinking it was peach tea. Though people do drink apple cider vinegar, I think taking a big ol’ slug of it when you’re expecting something else is one way to coat a computer monitor in apple cider vinegar. I finally had to move it back to its pantry location.

The root beer is just in this photo so I could include the two rams checking out my RPM Koozie. They approve.


14 thoughts on “Drink up”

    1. Nope, I drink my peach tea cold. Overall, I prefer cold drinks to hot, and that’s why the coffee I drink at home is almost always iced. I will drink hot tea in the winter, and I’ll drink a hot peppermint mocha (nonfat, no whipped cream) from Starbucks year round, but otherwise, I like cold beverages. (Crystal Light peach, lemon, and orange mixes are favorites.)

      1. Owing to the relentless food coloring industry, I don’t drink the kool-aid, crystal light, etc. I rarely drink sodas, say one every 3 months. Consequently, I drink teas, hot chocolate (Ghirardelli or Green and Blacks), or just water (sometimes with a slice of lemon). I sometimes think Diet Coke should be registered as a narcotic controlled substance, the way I’ve seen people drink it and go through withdrawals when the soda machine runs out of it. Sadly, though, there are guys out there that won’t date me simply because I don’t drink what they drink {booze, coffee, ..}! My parents discovered soda stream, mostly because Dad (who has now been sober for about 15 years) now heavily drinks sodas including Diet Coke! But they have little bottles of natural essence flavorings like lemon-lime, orange, raspberry, which didn’t seem too bad. Their natural syrups are hard to find but if I make one of their sodas, it’s pink grapefruit, ginger ale or root beer. I seem to do better with actual sugar than artificial sweeteners too. Honestea was my favorite, but they are hard to find these days. The local wholefoods stopped carrying them.

  1. Diet Coke = crack in a bottle…

    Hello, my name is Lynne and i’ve been an addict since Coca Cola started making it…

      1. Wait, I misread .. DIET coke, 1982 … totally do able at 35, excuse me while I sweep my brain bits off the floor…. blown for no reason… again.

        1. Even if things don’t seem to add up, remember we’re talking about MAGIC MATH. Not the usual math that everybody else thinks is so all-fired important and accurate.

  2. I think I tried root beer many years ago, but I can’t really remember. It’s not a big thing over here, so I may have tried it when I was in the States in ’98.

    I think apple cider vinegar is good for indigestion?

    1. Yes, it’s supposed to have all kinds of good qualities. I think I used to bathe in it as a kid when I was sunburned. And used it as a rinse for my hair as a teenager. But people swear by drinking it, too.

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