Button Sunday

Many years ago as a wee lass, I was taught by a bunch of hippies–the original variety–how to use mandalas for meditation and reflection. It’s been interesting to see the way mandalas have reappeared in my life through the years in different ways. For example, Laurel has been developing her skills as a Zentangle┬« artist, including the merging of Zentangles┬« and mandalas to create “zendalas.” This is a button (using her “Queste” zendala) that I purchased from Laurel’s Zazzle store, Ten Thousand Tangles. Check it out for some of her other zendalas and all the products that feature them.

I love how each drawing is unique, and that these are actually drawn and not perfectly created with software. There are valuable things to be discovered in the tiny variations as well as in the patterns themselves.


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