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My brain needs a break from numbers and words, so I was scrolling through photos and thought I’d share a few. First, though I don’t know where all of them came from, I do want to thank everyone for sending me bottle caps. They are being saved, trust me, and will be in paintings one day. In fact, I received a big stack of new canvases on my birthday (thanks, Brides!), so I have everything I need but more hours in the day.


I know this one came from one of the jaunts Marika and Lisa took when they were out and about in the Ozarks last fall. I always love a ram bottle cap.

The ram caps are from Shiner Bock beer.




I don’t know where these came from, but I’m thinking Tim and Tom. Or I might have grabbed a couple of them off the bar at my nephew’s rehearsal dinner.

This is a group from Geri and David. There are several here that I’ve never seen and didn’t have!

When Lynne was in St. Louis, she toured the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, and if you squint, you can see the logo on the shot glass she brought me from there. (I think a Clydesdale wouldn’t fit in her luggage.) I recently learned something new about shot glasses. This is a Basic Shot. The smaller ones are called Short Shots, and the thinner, taller ones are, you guessed it, Tall Shots. There are also Fluted Shots and Cheater Shots. The bottle caps aren’t from the brewery but are from her.

Speaking of Lynne, even though she moved from Green Acres long ago, I haven’t yet given her new home a name. But I’m crazy about the Fairy Garden she’s put behind her house.

Here’s a closer shot.

Enchanting, yes? Almost makes me want to get outside in my yard and–nah, probably not. The mosquitos would make it a miserable experience.

Finally, here are a couple of siblings who recently traveled to Colorado thanks to RPM. They had to go on different transports because one had the sniffles and was held back a couple of weeks. All the dogs have to be checked and approved by a vet before they can travel. By now, both may be in forever homes! I hope so. They sure are sweet.

This is Crumpet.
This is Croissant.

9 thoughts on “A few images”

  1. I love those puppies!
    I also love Lynne’s yard. I’d love to put a little garden thing like that in my back yard, but realize that I don’t have the vision to not make it a jumbled mess, plus Izzy would love to mess in the water and then dig.

    1. I’d do okay if I could make a garden of just rocks and dirt!

      For some reason, Margot has been digging for months. We can’t figure out why or make her stop. Why does a dog suddenly develop a bad habit when she’s fourteen? The vet has no answer except boredom. I think it’s dementia.

      Her digging has prompted Penny and Pollock to join in.

  2. I love the fairy pond and that last puppy photo. We have the same black iron fencing, but we have the arch piece the other way around. How about “Shady Pines” :).

    1. Ha ha, “Shady Pines” has a different meaning when you’re getting old. The right name will come to me some day. “Small Paradise” would have been a good name, because it’s a John Mellencamp song and she’s a JM fan. But I already gave that name to my friend Pat’s house.

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