Throwback Thursday

I love seeing people’s TBT photos on Facebook and Instagram. Since April 10 is also Sibling Day, this seemed like a fun one to share again.

Debby, me, and David with Papa, our paternal grandfather.


6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday”

    1. Thank you. And you’re right. I never really think of the resemblance, but if my father had lived another decade or more, he’d have really looked like his father.

      1. Your grandfather bears a striking resemblance to Sgt. Pete, at least in the mind’s eye of my memory! And, coincidentally, my grand-daughters call me “Papa” too; the sweetest sound in the world to me, coming to my increasingly deafened ears from their quiet and lisping speech.

  1. Love it! Funny, but when I posted my own #tbt photo on Instagram this week I didn’t even realize it was Sibling Day – yet the photo I chose included my sister! Weird.

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