Button Sunday

Speedee was so far ahead of my time that I didn’t even know he’d ever existed as McDonald’s first mascot. If you’d asked me, I’d have said Speedy was the little Alka-Seltzer guy. In fact, you can read here how McDonald’s gave up their Speedee in part to remove any association with Speedy.

You can teach an old dame new trivia!


5 thoughts on “Button Sunday”

      1. Until now, I only knew about Speedy Gonzalez. This alter Alka-Seltzer guy and its other alter ego just couldn’t replicate The Ronald McDonald!

        1. The funny thing is, I don’t remember Ronald McDonald until I was a grown up, but he was around when I was a kid. That same thing is true of Dr. Seuss books. No memory of them until I was grown.

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