A little emotional

Back in September on World Suicide Prevention Day, it was suggested that we set a candle in the window to remember someone lost or show support for suicide prevention. I did that and put a photo of our nephew Aaron next to the candle. In the months since, I’ve left the photo there. It somehow makes him feel like a part of every day, including Christmas now that lights are strung on that same shelf.

Aaron would have been twenty today. I can’t believe he’s not with his parents, brothers, and sister to celebrate leaving his teen years. I know whatever he’d be doing, we’d all be proud of him. We’re still proud of the incredible person he was every day that we had him with us.

I’ve talked before about Aaron’s compassionate heart and how one thing he gave his time and energy to was dog rescue. I felt his spirit very much today as I took photos at Rescued Pets Movement’s transport this morning. I’m sure that was part of the reason that I felt near tears the entire time, but it was something else, too. Everyone remarked about how calm and quiet all the dogs were as they were being put into the van. I think it was because, among all the animals, there were three mama dogs with their puppies. The grateful, loving energy they put off was palpable. I believe they knew that the people there were literally saving their lives and their puppies’ lives. It was a very powerful thing, and when I drove away, I thanked Aaron because even though I can’t hug him and tell him happy birthday in person, I can feel his loving spirit near me whenever good things happen.

My favorite picture I took today was of Portia. Those are her puppies in the crate behind her.

Safe journey to all gentle souls.


4 thoughts on “A little emotional”

  1. Thank you Becky for such a loving tribute to Aaron. I remember when he was about 10 and he wanted a dog sooo bad, we lived in an apartment and I told him that since we were gone all day it just wasn’t fair. So we compromised on volunteering at the animal shelter. Every week we put on our matching tee shirts and walked the dogs and every week Aaron would pick out the ugliest most wounded of the bunch an announce that THIS was the dog we needed to adopt.
    Later after we bought our house I said ONE dog but ended up with three rescue dogs. He loved them all and they him. They miss him too.
    I am so glad you felt him there for I know he was there, he wouldn’t have been anywhere else.

    1. Thank you, Lisa. Aaron had a wonderful example of compassion and love in his mother, and I’m forever grateful for the wonderful gift you brought to our lives. He loved you and his family so much, and when I read the things his friends say, I can see how he loved them, too.

    1. Happy belated birthday to you! I need to catch up on my LJ reading–I’m so behind! December does that to many of us, I guess.

      It would be wonderful if you would think of him. He was a lovely person. Thank you.

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