Photo Friday, No. 365

Current Photo Friday theme: Heavenly

I believe I can fly!

This is Beatriz, a three-month-old dachshund mix. I met her when I was photographing dogs for Rescued Pets Movement, who takes dogs and cats from death row at our city pound and transports them to areas where there aren’t so many strays and surrenders and people are eager to adopt them. I think Beatriz and her new family are going to learn that sometimes, as Belinda Carlisle sings, heaven is a place on earth.


12 thoughts on “Photo Friday, No. 365”

  1. Sometimes, either after a long walk or after playing with Molly and Michelle (of the Resistance) in the yard, I would pick up their long ears and gently flap them in the wind saying, “wheeee!” I either get “that was fun” or “quit picking on me” looks from them. To get a picture of this would be impossible. The only way their ears flap in the wind is by gale force winds or when they are racing each other.

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