From Russia With Love

Or at least friendship.

Here are some additions to the bottle caps:

A few donated by Tom and Tim.

Sent by Rob and his helpful canine companion Renee from St. Louis.

And the award for greatest distance… Lisa (in Iowa)’s son Jeff recently traveled to Russia with a brief stopover in England. At her urging, he picked up these to add to my collection. Thanks, Jeff–that’s a pretty rocking thing to do for someone you don’t know. I really enjoyed your trip tales and photos. There’s nothing like traveling vicariously, letting someone else handle money exchanges, jet lag, and the search for something to eat at odd times of the day or night.

Thank you everyone for contributing to my art. I hope to be creating new Bottle Caps and Friends paintings soon!


15 thoughts on “From Russia With Love”

  1. He’s a pretty good guy (usually). (Hi, Jeff!)
    Marika, I have a feeling he may have a better idea how Russian vodka tastes, not sure about the beer.

    1. Well we went to the Baltika brewery after we got back from Moscow, that’s where I got some of the nicer-looking ones, the Blue “Балтика 3” one at the bottom and the Tuborg and Baltika ones with the little pull-off tabs on the left. At the end of our tour we got to have a sample of everything they made there. I’m not much of a beer guy so I didn’t try very much of anything. The fruity-girly drinks were pretty popular though.
      You may be able to find some Baltika in larger stores. Not sure how many of the numbers they have. I’ve been told by several people that Number 7 is a bad idea and never decided to test that one.
      Did try a bit more vodka though. I guess my taste buds aren’t really sensitive enough to pick up any difference though. Smirnoff may not be Russian, but it’s good enough.

      1. Thanks for coming over and giving more info about the bottle caps, Jeff. I don’t drink beer either, but Tom does. We have a couple of places I can check for imports, so now I’m on a mission to find him some of this Russian beer to test.

        Thanks again for the caps!

    1. I never saw that Orangina commercial–I don’t even remember Orangina being sold in the Deep South. Some of those other commercials cracked me up. You could get a new Isuzu truck for just over $6000! And you could get half off your CABLE installation and a special deal for VCR owners. Woohoo!

      1. Around 2:00, after Nestle’s, they flash “Tales from the Darkside” just before a Babe Ruth and Butterfinger commercial.

        Given how long the break is, I guess the audience needed a reminder of what they were waiting to watch again.

          1. OMG! My Hair! It ~gasp~ moo-ooved! 🙂

            I wanted to do the highlighter color in my hair, but such things would likely trigger hyper me, so my parents objected. I suppose this was more for their sanity than mine. Then, on Halloween I was stuck working at Friendly’s, so I sprayed my hair highlighter green. I was hyperactive in an insane work environment; what a combination!

            What about hairspray and their hairdos?

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