10 thoughts on “California dragon”

    1. Nope, Passamaquoddy is in Maine. But the movie was filmed in Morro Bay, California, and I’VE BEEN THERE! (Whereas I haven’t been to Passamaquoddy, Maine.) I wondered if anyone would get the song reference–mostly because I’ve only seen the movie once, and that was when it was new in 1977.

      1. I thought Passamaquoddy was in Maine … I liked Petes Dragon. It’s a very pretty song, and like other Helen Reddy songs, I associate it it with my Mom … another single mother anthem, which is how I see You and Me Against The World. Angie Baby however … I never got the guy disappearing part, but I like the part about Angie being a little touched

    1. I haven’t named him, but of course he’s magic–he’s a dragon!

      That is a sad song–evokes the same kinds of feelings “Toy Story 3” did. At David Puterbaugh’s recommendation to see that one, we rented the first two Toy Story movies to watch when Jim was here one summer, then we all went to the theater to watch 3. I was gutted and trying not to show it as we all sat silently watching the credits at the end. Finally I whispered, “Is anybody besides me crying?” And Tim raised his hand. Then it was clear that all of us–me and three grown men–were weeping.

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