July Photo A Day: Workspace

This is one workspace. I have others. But this is where I spend most of my waking hours unless I’m sewing, painting, or being a hostess.

What can I tell you? It’s a small, well-lit corner room off the kitchen, and it’s usually cluttered with dogs so that I always need to take care about shifting my feet or moving my chair. The blurry things toward the front of the photo are windchimes from my SIL Janet and windchimes that my great-niece Morgan gave me when we were in Gatlinburg together. Both tinkle when the fan is on. The fan pull for the overhead fan is a metal bird from my sister; the light pull is a cherub and though I know it was a gift, right now I can’t remember from whom. (Sorry!)

The art that you can see on the walls (there is more art on other walls) is by Jennifer Mathis, Jess when he was a youngster, an artist who stopped being my friend when someone told him lies about me (people are strange), and lots of framed postcards of Rothko paintings. Over the window are framed sparkly cards from Marika and Lynne. Peeking out from behind the blinds is a boy-gargoyle painted by Timmy, and next to him, the light washes out various little gadgets that my parents put in my Christmas stockings a zillion years ago. There’s a framed snapshot of my original family–two parents, three kids–above my printer that is a favorite photo of mine.

At my feet: extra file folders and envelopes, and drawers with greeting cards, power cords and rechargers for my iPhone, Nook, and camera, and a wastebasket.

A closer look at my desk top:

Phone, iPhone, glasses, water, iced coffee in a Scout’s Honor holder that reminds me how awesome Tim and Hanley Inc. are, Yellow Submarine lunchbox from David and Geri, THE RAM, Moo cards, dental floss, a spirit shaker from James to dispel bad energy that sits on my electric pencil sharpener because I still love plain old pencils and also colored pencils for sketching, a brass lamp from my mother with an inadvertently left-out Magnetic Poetry magnet that says “dress,” though when working at home, staying in my PJs is always an option, the lemon coasters that I no longer regift to Lynne or Laura, two random Garfields that should show up one day in one of Katnip’s adventures–and my Twitter page is open on my monitor.

Riveting stuff, huh?

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.


11 thoughts on “July Photo A Day: Workspace”

        1. Mine is not always this organized, especially when I’m dealing with financial stuff or editing. But I do find my brain works better if I can keep it clutter-free as often as possible.

          1. I’m much more productive when my workspace is neat. When I’m at work, one of the first things I always do is straighten up the counters/computer station in my patients’ rooms. I don’t know why I can’t consistently do it at home.

    1. I always enjoy seeing photos of people’s home workspaces. What you can’t see here are the bookshelves behind me with books and publisher correspondence and my Lady Godiva print among many other things. I need to do a panoramic video!

  1. That isn’t an office, it’s an executive suite. And unless my eyesight is failing, isn’t that a butterfly I spy through your window? I might have to consult you on the redo of my workspace.

    1. Yes, it’s a big metal butterfly. There’s a disproportionately huge metal ladybug next to it. Because looking out at a wooden fence is no fun.

  2. Doesn’t the glare bother you, or is the reflection of the window on the display just an artifact of the angle of the camera? I also like being able to look out of windows now and then while at my desk. It’s nice to know that an office can be a cozy home for THE RAM and those coasters, LOL. I’m trying to keep my desk free of clutter. Really, I’m trying. See? There’s the glass underneath! No, not the glass I was drinking out of last month (oops). That glass, in the corner. No, under the tissue box… 😉

    1. Nah, there’s not really a glare inside–it’s just that the sun was so bright outside that it washes everything out. The light on the floor fan is from the camera flash (I was taking the photo from the kitchen).

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