July Photo A Day: I Drew This!

From left, Tim’s Penny and Pixie, and our Guinness and Margot. There are water coolers at both houses, but all the dogs love the water bucket we keep on the front porch. Maybe it has a special flavor because the lizards use it for floating.

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.


8 thoughts on “July Photo A Day: I Drew This!”

  1. I know, even though Renee has a fresh bowl in the kitchen and basement, plus a bowl on the deck whenever she’s playing outside, she insists on drinking the water in the bird bath. We don’t have lizards, but she has beaten to death every snake that has tried to cross her territory.

  2. There are two sources of “container water” outside at my parents’ house, one the fish pond the other a small bowl perpetually refilled by its own water through a series of smaller overflowing buckets fountain. I’ve caught their dogs drinking from both on many occasions, but usually the fountain more than the fish pond (and the pond has a set of filters including UV light).

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