30 Days of Creativity: Day 24–Green

The Adventures of Katnip: 44

“Time for some thrilling heroics,” John Riley said.

On occasion, he sounded like he was quoting somebody.

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8 thoughts on “30 Days of Creativity: Day 24–Green”

    1. My horses are plastic. Probably also toxic, but at least no kids are being harmed by the playing of these toys.

  1. I loved that book!
    When I was moving out to Wyoming, I was all excited to see a sign posted someplace about some event to be held during green grass (or something like that).

    1. Lisa, have you also read Thunderhead, that came after My Friend Flicka and before this one? I grew up with these three books and reread them periodically, but I absolutely love this one.

      My sister has the copy we grew up reading, because it’s an even bigger favorite for her–and she’s the horse girl–but a friend who worked at a collectible bookseller (since closed) helped me find old hardcover editions of them all.

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