Draw Something Looks At Advertising

Another chance to mock be dazzled by my Draw Something efforts–this time, featuring the wonderful world of advertising.

Seems appropriate to kick it off with this:

Sometimes it’s the packaging, but sometimes it’s the pop culture connection:

With a classic, I can keep it clean and simple.

Then again, sometimes I take the long way to get there.

One of my favorites. I didn’t need the product, but it was fun to draw.

Look at her dilated pupils. There’s a reason she keeps Visine handy.

If it’d been Maxell, I could have drawn the man being blown back by his speakers.

A good slogan is always helpful.

But sometimes I get the slogan and the product name confused.

And sometimes I can remember the commercial but not the product name.

But no matter what, I keep going and going and going…


18 thoughts on “Draw Something Looks At Advertising”

  1. You left me tickled silly! And actually, the MAD MEN drawing was quite good. Though I’ve never watched the series. I lived it, why watch it? BTW, what did you build with your Eggos?

  2. MY HAIR’S ON FIRE! It is to laugh …

    And insomnia … is it me or does the sufferer have some long ass legs.

    1. Yes. She’s a mutant insomniac.

      And what is that thing we do, pushing one leg out from under the covers as if that’s going to make some kind of difference?

      1. I always have to have my feet free in case I have to run some place, because you know how I love running.

    1. Ha. He’s holding a cigarette–there is a LOT of smoking on that show. It’s the Sixties.

      It’s the title card at the beginning of the show. Since I was doing it from memory, my rendition doesn’t quite match the original.

  3. The other morning, for about 3 hours, we could hear someone’s dog barking non-stop. Yep. Stiiiiiillllllllllll Barking. He keeps barking, and barking, and barking…

    I had visions of the Energizer bunny running a protest along the “invisible” fence holding the dog back; such a fence was probably powered by Duracell.

    What about clear pepsi? I liked the first edition of clear pepsi; to me, it tasted just like ordinary pepsi less food coloring. Yet people were willing to accept red mountain dew, probably because it still resembled various forms of anti-freeze.

    1. Ugh–poor dog to belong to such inconsiderate humans.

      I’m the wrong audience to pitch Pepsi or Mountain Dew to–in any form or package. I’ve always been a Coke person, with occasional infidelity for a Dr Pepper.

      1. When I saw your drawing for Pepsi, I was reminded of clear Pepsi and the {new, classic, …} Coca-Cola. The controversy of changes and cola wars was just a crazy time.

        I’m not a grand fan of sodas. Although, it is the only thing I’ll drink at a bar, normally Sprite. With my ADHD reactions to additives, there’s not much out there for me anyway.

        So, I poke fun at Mountain Dew and car fluids. Pickles do not glow in the dark! It amazes me how the dyes affect what a population “thinks” foods should look like.

        1. It’s really crazy when you find out everything (bad and unnecessary) that goes into processed foods.

          Speaking of crazy cola wars, have you seen the new throwback Mountain Dew? Noticed it in the grocery store last night.

          1. Nope. I haven’t seen it in stores, but I’ve heard of this variant being around. I wonder if they would make it to the original recipe. The Source of the All-Knowing (Wikipedia) claims there was an original version in 1940 only to be modified in 1958. Was the evil Yellow 5 around in 1940?

            1. Good question! I once heard from an ER doctor that Mountain Dew had the most caffeine of any other soft drink. I’m sure that’s changed now that there are so many energy drinks on the market.

      2. I would never drink a Pepsi … but occasionally was forced to stray to RC as a kidlet … and of course, I was a big consumer of Grape Nehi … which was owned by RC I think … now owned by the good DR … Grape Nehi was the only soda I would drink straight from a can … the rest had to be bottled or with lots of ice.

        Now I want a Nehi

        1. Good ol’ RC Cola. And a Moonpie.

          SHUUUUNNNN the evil. Pour yourself a nice cold glass of water right now. Or sweeten it with a Crystal Light packet if you must. (Not even going to take on the badness of artificial sweeteners.)

        2. For a short while, I liked RC. This, of course, was discovered by a grade school English class having the class period off. Grape and Orange sodas were right out, along with Kool-Aid.

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