April Photo A Day: Glasses

I’m going to miss having prescription sunglasses when I get new glasses. But one does what one’s insurance dictates, especially when one has been hit with an unending stream of vet, home, and car repair bills. Being a grownup can suck it.

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.

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8 Responses to April Photo A Day: Glasses

  1. Robert Edler says:

    Oh, groan! And I just got the postcard from Dr. Specs reminding me my annual checkup is due. And I was just patting myself on the back because I hadn’t spent my tax return yet.

  2. Aunt Aberta says:

    Amen sister!

  3. lynne says:

    can we go back to being 10?

    • Becky says:

      I was going to say no, because you didn’t like me until we were twelve. But then I remembered: “We don’t play Barbies anymore.” So ten is okay!

  4. Mark says:

    Don’t get me started on vet bills. Hurrah for insurance!

    • Becky says:

      We have pet insurance, and I’ve never filed a claim on it. Many of our visits are for pre-existing conditions. Tom said he’s going to sit down with our bills and claim forms and see if we can’t get some of the money repaid us. We’ll see!

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