Another birthday girl

Some time back, Lynne and I went to High Fashion, where she picked up fabrics to make Lila an Easter dress. After the dress was made, I asked Laura for a photo.

I also asked Lynne for scraps from the dress. Since Lila’s birthday was this past Friday, and her party was Saturday, I spent the last couple of weeks putting something together for her. First, I found Stacie, Barbie’s little sister, and created a similar Easter dress for her.

Then I made her a few more outfits.

I put shoes to go with the fashions in these cute little “shoeboxes” I found at The Container Store with some puppies and a few toys for Stacie.

And Tom and I delivered it all to one of my favorite little Aries girls on her birthday.

She had a great party with lots of guests and was so conscientious about thanking everyone for sharing the day and gifts with her. Happy birthday, Lila, and thanks for inviting us to your party!

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10 Responses to Another birthday girl

  1. Tom says:

    I’ll never forget that little girl tossing tissue paper up over her head like a little maniac.

  2. Marika says:


  3. lynne says:

    Lila told me yesterday how much she liked her Barbie and its box from Aunt Becky. It is a great gift. Thank you and Tom for joining the party.

  4. Laura says:

    We were so happy y’all came out to the burbs for her celebration! Y’all left before I remembered to give you your birthday present. you are going to love it………muwhahhahahahahahahahahahaha :)

    On the plus side, it is so practical. You’ll get to use it every day :)

    • Becky says:

      Then I suspect we left JUST IN TIME.

      It was a great day for a party, and you know how to throw one. Everything looked fantastic and was fun, and the kids outside were hilarious.

  5. Robert Edler says:

    Becky is either the world’s greatest aunt, or she’s addicted to becoming couturier to the fashionable dolls of the world. Nice girl doll collection.

    • Becky says:

      Thanks. I have so many nephews and nieces and great-nephews and -nieces who are far away. Lila (and Hanley, too) give me the chance to have kid fun.

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