For you

Some of the spam comments I get on this blog are unintentionally hilarious so I often peruse them before I delete them. Today included a new favorite:

“This text is worth everyone”

No punctuation, nothing else, just that. I want y’all to remember that my writing is worth EVERYONE. When the planet decides to shrug us all off, probably this text will remain. With the cockroaches. And Cher.

Here, let me distract you from that hard reality with a pretty photo of Tim’s azaleas and roses.


4 thoughts on “For you”

  1. OMG! You already have flowers in full bloom? Beautiful! Right now the ground around here squishes when you walk on it. Apparently, the drought has ended, and the Mississippi and surrounding rivers are just below flood stage. But no floral action except the tiny buds the daffodils sprouted in early January that are still in suspended animation.

    1. Your flowers will arrive. The drought ending is great news! We’re still in moderate drought conditions here. While our spring is beautiful, our summer will be brutal if we don’t get some ongoing, non catastrophic moisture.

  2. I was thinking the same thing about the flowers! My dogwoods are just now starting to bud. The roses still look dead, and the azaleas aren’t much better. (New house, new flowering shrubs: I wonder what color the roses and azaleas are?) At least the forsythia is beautiful and golden, and I think the camellia blooms year round.

    1. It’s crazy how early azaleas bloom here. I’m more accustomed to the seasons of the Southeast. I’m glad you get to experience spring in your new house. You may get all kinds of good horticultural surprises.

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