February Photo A Day: Something You Don’t Like

Sardines with a salmon backdrop. I make myself eat salmon, but I can’t swallow a sardine. [shudder]

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day. Thanks to Tim for the use of his pantry items.


11 thoughts on “February Photo A Day: Something You Don’t Like”

  1. Of course Tim has sardines in his pantry. Sardines and saltine crackers! YUM!!!

    A bit of housekeeping – my name used to come up automatically when I went to “Reply”. Now I have to enter it every time I want to say something. Why the change?

      1. Ha ha–did it fix itself? I think if it recognizes your name and ISP address from a previous comment, you don’t have to put it all in. But maybe if I’ve (or you’ve) cleared caches/memory, you have to do it again? Beats me. Same thing happens to me occasionally on Tim’s blog.

    1. My parents ate that stuff, too. I honestly did try once–Tim even sacrificed a sardine for me. I spit that thing right out! He has anchovies, too. Do you eat those, as well?

  2. I occasionally enjoy a good sardine sandwich about four times a year. But they have to be the higher priced brands so that you know you’re getting real herring sardines and not minnows from the bait shop.

    I’ve had to sign in for the past week or so for my name, but it autofills the email after the first two letters.

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