February Photo A Day: Walking

This little ginger shorthair stalked me on my walk today. When I turned suddenly to shoot his photo, he was following so fast that I lost the tip of one foot and part of his tail. He then pretended to be absorbed by something else. Cats crack me up.

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.

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6 Responses to February Photo A Day: Walking

  1. Timothy F. says:

    Aw what a pretty stalker!

  2. Robert Edler says:

    And what do your canine companions think of him? He’s handsome and looks real young. Hopefully, his people had him altered.

    • Becky says:

      None of our dogs like cats. Fortunately, he didn’t follow me home. He seemed to have plenty to do in his own neck of the woods. I hope he’s altered, too, and suspect he is.

  3. Debby says:

    Looks like Sid Viscious! Maybe that’s why he was stalking you!

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