February Photo A Day: Soft

This brush, this blanket, this baby: all soft.

Guinness has been getting treatments for her ears for over a month now. The ear wash dries inside and around her ears and stiffens the hair there. We use this brush to try to work it out and make that part of her coat as soft as the rest of her. I know she’s so tired of having her ears treated twice a day, so I try to make the brushings seem like she’s being pampered and petted.

As for the treatments, we can see the difference–her equilibrium is slowly improving, and there are sounds she can hear, mostly if they’re sounds she’s prepared for.

Last month marked the twelfth year she’s been with us. She’ll be thirteen in April. And I think anyone who’s met her would agree: the best and most real softness is what Guinness brings to your heart.

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.


10 thoughts on “February Photo A Day: Soft”

  1. Mlle. Renee says she will gladly come and take Guinness for a walk on her anniversary.
    Renee will be celebrating her fourth adoption anniversary on Valentine’s Day next week.

    1. We will be celebrating that adoption from this distance, because we love Renee and think the day she came to your house was the best day for you both.

      1. What a great day for an anniversary … I wish you both many chew toys and denti-bones and greenies for doggie sugar. I am glad that Renee and Guinness both found wonderful homes where they belonged all the time

  2. Is it just me or juxtaposition of the brush (microphone) for the singer? 🙂

    Lacey, our cocker spaniel when we I was in grade school, and a few other dogs including Tuppence the westie and Phebe the poolie all had those irritating ear infections and never liked the ear drops. As soon as they escaped the clutches of my mother and those drops, they ran to the couch to rub their face in the pillows.

    1. Yes, in the smaller version of that photo, she looks just like any youngster who picks up a hairbrush and sings into it, dreaming of life as a rock star.

      She usually just shakes her head so that she can share a bit of the ear wash with whatever–or whoever–is closest to her.

  3. Sweet Guinness… It is hard to believe she has been in the family for so long. I had a moment of realization recently – That Minute is 6 years old already. How did that happen?

    1. She would be thrilled! She has lots more gray than she used to, but she looks like such a puppy that people never realize she’s a little old lady.

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