February Photo A Day: Something You Smelled

Coffee! Before I did my errands this morning, I allowed myself the rarest of treats: breakfast at Baby Barnaby’s. Perfect grits, and that orange juice is freshly squeezed in their groovy machine right before your eyes. Other than at the table of family or good friends, the only breakfast I love equally is in New Orleans at the Clover Grill. For me, it’s a much shorter drive to Baby Barnaby’s.

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.


16 thoughts on “February Photo A Day: Something You Smelled”

  1. today is national pancake day! so your photo got me thinking about breakfast, which got me thinking about pancakes, which got me thinking about my favorite place in denver, snooze, where they serve gluten free pancakes. ahhhh!

    1. Are you going to have some? I saw that it was National Pancake Day, but I couldn’t resign myself to going without grits.

      1. It’s really National Pancake Day @ IHOP only. The real National Pancake Day is sometime in September. However, next Tuesday (aka. Shrove Tuesday and Mardi Gras) is also known as Pancake Day. And in Olney, England and Liberal, Kansas it will also be International Pancake Day and they will hold the official Pancake Races.

        1. I have NO issue with there being multiple Pancake Days, thereby increasing the opportunity to eat more pancakes. At The Compound, Tom’s the pancake maker. I think we have them twice a year–which is probably on par for how often we had them when I was growing up. At Lynne’s, Craig used to be the pancake maker, and he did them more often. I always loved being over there on pancake weekends!

  2. At work today, this would have been a more pleasant smell. Someone microwaved something smelling really dreadful. Sadly, I didn’t realize today was pancake day. I’ll have to make up that later, probably during this weekend.

    1. Ugh on the bad microwave smell. There should be a penalty for reheating last night’s fish in the microwave at work–or burning popcorn.

      It’s always a good time for pancakes! I’m sure they’ll make your weekend a little fluffier. =)

    1. It’s funny, because when I did this post, I was remembering various meals there, including this one. It was Mother’s Day–who gave you the yellow rose (not pictured here, but in other photos)–was it the waiter there?

      This was almost six years ago! Geez. A lot has happened since, hasn’t it?

      1. It is hard to believe that it’s been 6 years. And you’re right, a lot has happened; people coming and going, etc. Lots of NOLA memories, including lots at the Grill.
        It was the waiter who gave me the flower for mother’s day. I had forgotten that. Now I have to go back and look at my S&S pics from various years….

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