Runway Monday All Stars: All Stars and Stripes

On the most recent episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars, the designers were asked to create looks for a specific client and a specific event. In this case, their clients were all female military veterans, and the functions they’d be attending included a friend’s wedding, a friend’s bachelor party in Las Vegas, one model’s fortieth birthday party, and a military social event. The women didn’t want to wear their uniforms on these occasions, so they gave the designers their input for their custom designs.

I’m working with Monster High dolls this season–they’re teens! They can’t be veterans already. Fortunately, Draculaura was just who I needed to report for duty.

Draculaura is a Cadet Private First Class in her school’s Junior RMTC program.

For those who don’t know about this program–since maybe I made it up–this is the Reserve Monsters’ Training Corps. As you can see by the tattoo on her cheek and the highlights in her hair, Draculaura is a fan of pink and likes to look very feminine. The event she’ll be attending is a spring afternoon garden party.

I chose a lightweight, plaid seersucker fabric for the dress.

The neckline is extra ruffly and trimmed in pink. The bodice is shirred, a sweet and appropriate look for a girl DL’s age.

Mattel’s shoes repeat DL’s heart tattoo motif.

Draculaura is ready for walking on sunshine!

A big thank-you to all of those who’ve served. Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s look. See you next time on the runway!

Draculaura’s RMTC uniform is part of Mattel’s Stars ‘n Stripes Barbie & Ken Army 101st Airborne Gift Set from 1993. The fabric used for her design is repurposed from a dress that belonged either to infant Hanley or infant Lila, so thank you Tim or one of the moms who donated it to my fabric collection.

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13 thoughts on “Runway Monday All Stars: All Stars and Stripes”

  1. Very nice designing — it was obvious you listened to your client and her needs. Of the show designers Joshua really listened to his client and produced a dress that was perfect for her. It didn’t hurt that he made something for Isaac to wear, too.

    1. he won because he made something for Isaac to wear – although the dress was pretty. I thought Uli was the clear winner … and how did Anthony Ryan NOT go home for that thing he sent down the runway?

      1. I liked Josh’s design, even without Isaac. But Isaac clinched it for him, and it wasn’t the dogwear design–it was the dog’s presence and his model’s compelling story and great attitude that helped show his work to its best advantage.

        Anthony Ryan didn’t go home because he has consistently been on the top and made great clothes. It would have been terrible for him to go home because of this challenge. I think he and Uli are the most likely winners of the season. At least I hope it plays out that way.

        1. I think Anthony Ryan is constantly over praised, the dress that won for the ready to wear challenge was barely the dress they sold. I just do not get the Ryan love… I don’t think he is a BAD designer … but I don’t think he is as good as he gets credit for. And I am sorry, but last season Heidi said they werent’ supposed to consider past work, that it is what they send down the runway that week … and that dress was the WORST not just for that episode – but for the season. It seems Allstars is geared to just give someone a win .. and it is so obvious who they want it to be. UGH! Anywho, Anthony Ryan rant over. Let’s discuss Josh’s personal “bold” fashion choices!

          And new PR on the 24th!

          1. Well, if Heidi said it, it applied to PR. Maybe the judges feel differently about All Stars. For example, when Isaac said he’d lie down on the runway before he’d let Emilio go home the week before, no matter what the judges thought of his design. I think they’ve made it pretty clear they don’t judge on the basis of a single challenge–and regardless, it’s not like they sent anyone deserving home and kept Anthony Ryan, so no harm, no foul.

  2. 1 Love the shoes!

    2. Being a vampire, can she walk on sunshine? The rules on that are no longer as clear as they used to be.

    3 Love the dress … especially the smocked top !

    1. If Stephenie Meyer achieved nothing else, she showed that the rules are a bunch of malarky that can be rewritten by each vampire creator. And all the fighting about it is silly. So yes, Draculaura can walk on sunshine. (Though of course, she can’t actually walk because she’s a doll.)

      Thanks for the design compliments!

    2. Regarding No. 3: Had to go back and correct my post. I’m constantly researching sewing terms because I’m so ignorant–being almost completely self-taught–and that bodice is not smocked, but shirred. The error is all mine.

  3. Okay, I am playing catch up after recovering from a valve replacement, so I need to checkout the other designs as well, but this is downright adorable!! I love seersucker!! And those shoes… I have no words.

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