Legacy Writing 365: an extra day for Leap Year

Mother in front of the tree during the last Christmas my parents would spend in this house. So many things were changing–had changed–and I think they were ready for a new adventure. I don’t remember exactly when they put the house up for sale or moved. I don’t know if she knew this was the last Christmas in the house where their first four grandchildren had come as newborns, and later for holidays and birthdays and visits.

First they moved into an apartment in Tuscaloosa, where their married life had essentially begun decades before. Even though they’d downsized, we all still showed up for holidays. Here, Debby, Terri, and I are being goofy.

Later, they rented a house in a nice little neighborhood in Tuscaloosa. My father was volunteering at the library. Mother was still making holidays welcoming for us all. Daniel and Terri were living in North Carolina, so I’m not sure if we saw them that Christmas. Here, Josh is sitting with his Uncle David and his grandfather.

I’ll venture a guess that this is Gina, Debby, and Sarah. But I’ve been wrong before, and it could be Sarah, Debby, and Gina. The Debby part I know I have right!

Since Daniel wasn’t with us the following Christmas, either, when my parents had moved to a small town in Kentucky, I’m putting a summer photo here with the guys: Daniel, Josh, and David with Daddy. Daddy was writing “fictionalized” memoirs for the local paper, and Mother was just loving small town life and the house they were in.

The next Legacy Writing post will be the final one for this project and this year…


4 thoughts on “Legacy Writing 365: an extra day for Leap Year”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed the legacy posts this year, especially the look into your family history.

    Had to laugh at Josh’s iron-on inside patches, I hated those things.

    1. Thanks! Boys and their worn out jeans. I think it’s part of playing hard. You don’t usually wear out your own clothes playing Barbie–just the dolls’ clothes.

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