Oh, Mattel

Will this be the end of the marketing tie-ins? No Charlie? No Sam? No Leah? Don’t you want to push the fandom into bankruptcy?

Edward and Vampire Bella.

12 thoughts on “Oh, Mattel”

  1. I’m the guy who bought the soundtracks and never saw the movies. Well, that is until this past Saturday when I finally rented the first Twilight DVD. With the short attention span I have, I agreed I would not have made it to the end in the theater. Yeay [Pause]! But, I did enjoy the movie; I did not gawk too much, and, so far, I’m for “Team Edward.”

    1. When you see the second one, you may shift allegiances to the pack. And like Marika says, “Once you go pack, you never go back.”

      I remain Team Bella’s Truck.

    1. You can do this because you are not a fangirl. What shocks me is that I’ve only seen BD2 twice. But I’m promised a third viewing because Lynne says she’ll go with me.

      I’ve had so much fun with this these last few years. I wonder what my next silly thing will be?

  2. They’re very cool. Maybe it’s time I got my Steve and Jaime dolls some friends 🙂

    I STILL haven’t seen BD2, I somehow missed it at the cinema and it’s not out on dvd yet…grr…

    1. It’s already not playing there any more? I’m going to have to get Lynne to hurry and go with me before it stops playing here! (She hasn’t seen it yet.)

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